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My OH says its best to put everything as a post and then people can scroll down to get the topics they want. I thought it would be better to just keep everything separate like a web site. Can’t win really as I can understand what he is saying.


One thing I forgot to mention is a good hairdressers. There are so many beauty salons, hairdressers etc here in Pattaya it’s really hard to know where to go. However, there are not many hairdressers that can cut western hair. They may say they do… you can show them what you want in a picture but believe me when I say – short back and sides!!!!! that’s what I kept coming out with. Even when taking a picture of myself with my hair cut as I wanted it. Nope, short back and sides every time.Until that is I posted a note on

A lady thankfully replied with Syriana at the bottom of North Road Pattaya. Just up from the Dolphin roundabout on the left hand side. She was trained in the UK and speaks excellent English.  She’s not cheap but then again she is not expensive. You certainly get good value for money and every time I have had my hair cut and coloured there it has been great.  She has so many expat clients that have kept coming back for years and years. The girls that wash your hair are good too as they give you a head massage while washing your hair. If you have never been to a hair salon here in Thailand you may not expect to have your hair washed in lukewarm water. No hot water at any salons I have been to but then again the cold water is not really cold is it?

She also offers beauty treatments.I have yet to try any but again seems to have a steady stream of regular customers.


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