Olive Restaurant, Ekkamai

We went a couple of weeks ago to Olive Restaurant in Ekkamai. Soi 12. Just off Sukhumvit 63. Its not only beautifully decorated. Like being transported back to Greece but the food was fantastic.  The staff were friendly and nothing seemed to be too much trouble for any one.

We were a very large group of ladies and how they seated us all was amazing. We were served Mezze, a selection of small dishes of delicious food. Feta and olive salad to start us off. quickly followed by dish after dish of tastes. Hummus, baba ganoush, hot pitta breads, tzatziki, falafel , crispy fried squid and so much more. The food just kept coming. There was certainly more than enough to go around. I couldn’t say there was anything I didn’t like.

Oh I nearly forgot to mention the wine. A good sized glass for only 198 bhat. What more could one ask for.

The meal was finished off with a lovely cup of coffee and baklava. Not to sweet and clearly home made. Delicious. I think I could even find this in my car. Not too far from us if the traffic is light.

I am now trying to arrange for my OH and I to go back and pay another visit. I have told our Arab friends about it as I think they will love the authentic food.

Well worth a visit.  Hope they don’t mind that I took a copy of their photo and put it on my blog

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