One week on and adjusting to our new home and area

One week on and we are adjusting to our new home, surrounding areas and having neighbours in close proximity.

When you are looking for a house in and around Bangkok you won’t get everything you are looking for unless your budget is high. So we had to adjust to neighbours close by. I forgot about screaming babies,children having tantrums, dogs being allowed to bark for what seems like hours on end. People coming and going. These are all things we will have to get used to after over 3 years of neighbours being way way away from our front door.

Did I mention I had cleaned out the  black rubbish bin and the bin storage cupboard. It was very smelly. Washed out the whole thing with bleach only to find it had been taken the next day. I was left a broken, sellotaped up, dilapidated bin in its place. The landlord replaced it and this time we spray painted the number of the house around the bin’s exterior. Today the bin men came and put it back in next doors cupboard………HOW can they get it so wrong. There are only 2 cupboards next to each other!!!!

The old lady from over the way was watching me take the bins out and swap them. I am sure she thinks I have taken the neighbours bin!!!! Honestly, even if they can’t read you can see it has something on it and its huge writing. I will have to check this every time they come to empty the bin I think. I suppose one consolation is that at least I didn’t have to go searching for it.

I still have not seen any western women on the village/compound but I have been told they are here.

We checked out the pool last weekend.

Hua Mak-20130818-00221                Hua Mak-20130818-00220







Wow I had forgotten how to swim I think. I only did about 15-20 lengths and I was pooped. I have vowed to go everyday, well except Tuesday when everything is closed at the club house for their day off. Then on Monday, what did I do….. I didn’t go. I kept thinking I will do one more job, then one more job and then before I knew it I had run out of time. excuses excuses eh?

So today, I have to make the effort.

We also tried the club house restaurant. As the American’s say “Awesome” food. I had missed our favorite restaurant Baan Na in Huai Yai. This lady has the same style. Beautiful food and the best is that they sell  a good selection of ice cream. So here are pictures of what desserts we managed to eat. Absolutely stuffed afterwards.

Hua Mak-20130818-00223      Hua Mak-20130818-00222








Monday was my fist proper jaunt out in the car by myself. OH had drawn me a map to get to Tesco’s. It’s the nearest supermarket without going onto a motorway. Piece of cake. Only I couldn’t get everything I needed. I bet folk back in the UK, can’t believe you could go to a Tesco’s and not get simple things like crusty bread, bisto, coriander or mint. The list goes on and on.

I also managed to find the vets again. The Syrian lady I had met suggested I go back and ask if they had a similar product for Tess’s fungus. So I managed to find my way there and back but alas nothing to substitute. Don’t know what you would do if you went there with a fungus condition on your dog or cat…….beats me.

They have however very kindly suggested an animal hospital at Thonglor. He gave me directions but it is quite a way and I am not sure I would find it but I think I have to have a go today. I have directions how to get back from OH, which was my worry. Might be able to pop into Paradise Mall to get the missing items from my shopping list from Villa Market Supermarket.

Paradise Mall. I think its called Paradise Place certainly has some great shops and food outlets. For us it was much better than Seacon Square which is only about 100 yards nearer to us on the same main road. I am sure like my new friend from Syria that in 4 months (the time she has been here) I will know my way around. Its just hard to drive and try and see what shops  you need.

I checked out a small deli I had seen yesterday down near the Oasis Center in Hua Mak but it turned out not to be a deli at all as we know it. It was however a haven for wine lovers. I know where to go back to if I am looking for some nice wine. I think they must do Italian ice cream too but no olives or cooked meats or crusty breads.  A huge menu for food too.

I felt my jaunt out had been disappointing so I parked the car further down the same street and went on a wander. This seems to be a very  very busy street.  I think its a short cut for people coming of Pattanakan Road going to the motorway.

Lots of food vendors and small restaurants all doing a roaring trade on this street. For some reason they nearly all seemed to be selling lovely bottles of honey and honey combs. I know where to go when our supplies run low. I stopped for mango’s (much more expensive than in the villages near Pattaya) and some banana’s. The lady was old and I tried my Thai, only to find she spoke good English. The next stall was making what looked like dim sum dumplings. In for a penny in for a pound. I bought some. Now I wish I had taken a picture for  my blog. Maybe I will go back and ask if I can take a photo. They were good. There was a selection of 6 @ 35bhat. Around 70-75 pence at today’s exchange rate.

Now I have sampled them I know which ones I liked the most. The lady had a selection of dishes that you could choose from for the fillings in your dumplings. Then she swirled the mixture onto a round hot plate and proceeded to fill and wrap. Expertly done and so quick. Into a box with a little packet of hot sauce (have to leave that for OH). Yes, writing this I realise I would go again.


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