Our Cat is still missing – REWARD

Well an update.

After more than 2 weeks our cat Stella is still missing. I can only assume that some one has taken her away. I have searched each and every street on our compound (of which there are many). I have carried out leaflet drops, there are posters up. I have stopped and asked people. The guards have her picture and info

pillow support

A few possible sightings but I still can’t find her. People have said because she is so beautiful someone would have taken her to sell for a lot of money….just great that people the world over could do such a horrid thing.

If someone has her here on our compound then they are keeping her inside as I have looked mornings, afternoons and evenings. All at different times in the hope of spotting her. We have even gone out at midnight looking for her.

I only hope she will be happy where ever she may be. I can’t sleep as I keep thinking that I hear her calling. Then the other day when I was having a nana nap on the sofa I thought I felt her jump up and cuddle in behind my legs. The imagination plays horrid tricks because when I woke up she wasn’t there.

Its the just not knowing what has happened to her that is so upsetting. Thailand has taken my soul mate, Molly, as you will read way back. She was killed by a Cobra. Then Stella’s sister Daisy went missing and we never found her. I searched for 3 months calling up and down the lanes where we used to live but nothing at all and now our dear little Stella.

If only someone would find her and bring her home. I would gladly give a reward. Each morning we open the front door in the hope that she is going to be sitting there and unable to tell her story.

Keep her safe whoever you are.

stella hiding on the bed


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