Our new addition to the family

18th March 2012.

OH mentioned that “wee dog” had had pups and now she was proudly showing off only 2. Wee dog was the airfield dog. She appeared from nowhere and unfortunately one day a few months after taking one pup home with us she disappeared again and so did the last remaining pup. How guilty I feel for not being able to take 2 pups.

18th March was Mothers day and I had to go and look at these lovely pups that OH was telling me about. So you see if its anyone’s fault, its his!!! hahaaaaa.

There were 2 pups. One much smaller and more timid than the other. Somehow the smaller one reminded me of Jack (devil dog) so I supposed I was reluctant to take her home. The other bigger pup let me wash him with the hose and some flea shampoo. Then I wrapped him up and dried him. I couldn’t believe how this stray dog was letting me do all of this to him. I then sat him on my knee in the car and with the car doors open and the breeze blowing through he let me take all the fleas off him.
Here he is in the first week at home. What a good natured little dog. It was at that moment I decided that he would make me a great Mothers Day present to myself!!!! heheheeee.

Buddy  in the first few weeks
Buddy in the first few weeks

We named him or I should say I named him Buddy. I just had a feeling he was going to be just that. As more than a year has passed now since we got him. He has turned out to be just that. He is so like Molly in so many ways. If reincarnation exists then Molly is back in Buddy.

I really felt it wasn’t fair on Tess our other dog or our cat Stella to bring 2 pups home and if only I had known that Joan would have taken her, or even at the time that she was actually a girl (shows I couldn’t get close) I probably would have persevered with her behavior.  Hind-site is a great thing.

buddy 004

Here he is at Christmas on our Xmas Card photo shoot when Chrissy and Amy came to stay. How he has grown. He’d probably tell you this is not his best photo but it is quite cute. I have some great footage on my phone of him and Tess playing when he was a pup in the garden but try as I might I can’t seem to get it off my phone. It says its too big a file to transfer so bear with me and I will see if I can upload to my computer (not being a techy you understand)……

DSCN0818 DSCN0822

Xmas 2012
Xmas 2012

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