Our Thai Street Dog Buddy is doing well in the UK

Its now 31 October 2017. Buddy our Thai Street Dog from Nong Pru Airfield is a changed dog. His aggression issues are no longer…..he is a happy, well adjusted dog. He is amazing. He loves to say hello to everyone. Still sometimes unsure of big dogs when on the lead but otherwise he loves to be up the hill sniffing about. Never too far away from us.

He loves to play with other dogs and has a great time. He grows more hair in the winter asĀ  you will see from some of the photos below.


What a difference in a dog. He is on medication for his skin permanently. He has a touch allergy to something. We have no idea what but he has his herbal tablets with us every morning. In fact if I forget he hovers around the fridge area until I get his messages that I forgot to him his ham (tablets inside of course).

He is such a good dog. Considering he was a Street Dog from the Airfield he is a fantastic dog.


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