Our time to leave Thailand is almost upon us but when???

My husband rang me over a week ago to say his job had been advertised on a work’s vacancies email………………..what a way to find out your job has been Nationalized….

So our time has come to an end and none too soon. I have lost 1 dog and 2 cats to Thailand. Our marriage has had very stormy times, most to do with the stress of work, the heat and the difference in culture.

Its not easy working abroad….there are many pit falls. Everyone thinks its glamorous living abroad but it can’t be further from the truth.  You try living your normal day to day life in over 90 degrees. Its not like we are living on the beach and having parties every day. How many people say “well you’re not very brown for living abroad”……

When he is released from his contract we have no idea (don’t forget you have no rights to employment laws) Its as if they own you. They hold your life in their hands.

We had finally decided a couple of months ago, after living here 4 years we would finally have a proper holiday. Our last was in 2008. However, now we have the news of impending unemployment we have cancelled our plans. We need to keep the money we have.

We have to sell off our furniture, give away what needs to be cast aside and hope that at the end of the day we get home without too much costs to us.

Thank goodness Tess and Buddy are ready for their travels. Loosing the wing nuts and bolts for their kennels was a worry but we spent time on Saturday and Sunday finding more. How hard would you think it would be to find the right size wing nuts and bolts !!!! No B&Q here……………..

We will be so glad to go back home. Save Thailand for a holiday and choosing to live here is different to actually working here but for this experience I am sure we have learned lessons and be better people for it. After all we would not have met Milos. Our acupuncture specialist. That has truly changed our lives for the better.

We have met some great people. Had some wonderful and some frightening experiences (fighting snakes) Seen some fantastic scenery and I will never ever get tired of seeing elephants.

We shall go away with friendships that will last our life time but for now we just want to be ordinary people living ordinary lives. I can’t wait to be able to get a job again and be amongst people without a language barrier.

Oh and I will never miss the “eau de toilette – drain smells” – ah the joys of living abroad.

To all our new friends we will miss and to our old friends back home, it won’t be long now I am sure.

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