Pets in Thailand Diary


This page focuses on our Pets.

1. How we transported our dogs and cats to Thailand

2. Vet recommendations- Mac Vets, Sukhumvit Road, beside Tescos and Pattaya Animal Hospital on Pattaya Tai.

3. Pet Shops – there are about 5 shops located along 3rd road and many other dotted around Pattaya.  Most supermarkets sell pet food and some treats/toys etc., biscuits do seem to be limited though.

4. Jack our new Soi puppy (Street dog) Diary

I will try and put photos on to

APRIL 7th 2010

The story begins in April 2010 when we finally leave Bahrain for Thailand. The packers have left and all that remains was to wash the floors.

All packed and ready to go

Sebastian and Antony had come from work to help us get to the airport. Wendy and Fred have already arrived. I have given bags of food to the boys so that they can take it home, I hate food going to waste. No point in throwing it out. David has been to say goodbye to Abdullah next door and given him some money to pay any extra bills that may come in for the 7 days of electricity from the end of last month.

Now to put the dogs and cats in their sky kennels and off we would go on our convoy to the airport. Oh no, where is Daisy. We search all over the house, looking in wardrobes, under beds, even outside in case she had managed to sneak out. No Daisy. We kept going over and over the same area thinking she had to be in the house somewhere. After what seemed like hours but was probably about half an hour we gave up. She was no where in site. She would have to be left behind. Oh goodness I was so upset. Then David for some unknown reason looked in the warmer drawers of the oven and there she was. Hiding in a tiny space about 8 inches x 5 inches. How on earth she could have curled up so small. I wish we had taken a photo.  We managed to get her into her kennel and away we all went.

At the airport departure entrance we all alighted and got our 5 cases and 4 kennels onto the path. We were so far away from the entrance door that there were no porters. Off David went to get help for me and my brood, as he had to return the car to rental agency located on another level. A tearful goodbye to Fred and Wendy our neighbours in Janabiyah. They had been so good to us.We shall never forget their kindness at taking us under their wing when we arrived and knew no one.

Into the airport I trudged trying to direct the porters to the right desk. Going through security. Everyone stared. I don’t think most people had seen anything like it. Children came up to the cages and either shrieked or tried to put their fingers through the mesh on the front of the kennels. Of all the times I had wished I was invisible.

It seemed to take forever to get all the paperwork sorted and duties paid. Molly, Tess, Stella and Daisy were to be transported excess luggage!!!! A lot cheaper than going cargo and apparently  recommended by Gulf Air. When they wheeled my babies away (dogs and cats to anyone else) it was very hard not to cry and run after them. Where were they going to take them? What was going to happen now.?Where they going to leave them outside in the heat somewhere? Would they try and get out and run away!!!! A thousand dinars lighter from leaving the excess baggage desk and David arrived as I was ready for the departure lounge.

I had read an article before I left the UK that said you always ask the steward or stewardess to ask the Captain to check that your animals are on board the flight.

1. It has been known that the animals were not loaded

2. It ensures that they know the owner is on the flight and better care is taken of your animals.

All was confirmed after me asking 3 times for an answer. So don’t be fobbed off with the “we will check “routine. Wait for the answer.

April 8th 2010

On arriving at Bangkok airport we had no idea where to go to collect M,T,S & D. we were directed this way and that!!! eventually finding the correct area or so we thought to wait. “Large Luggage” we waited and waited. After  many requests by me of “where are my dogs and cats” – hardly anyone speaks English and my voice getting louder and louder they eventually appeared at another “Large Luggage” location. Then all the way back to the other end of the building to the animal import office to part with more cash and have our documents inspected and stamped. Of course by this time M&T were frantic to be out of their cages. Molly had cut her nose on the wire door in desperation to be out. They had all wet in their cages and the smell was awful. Where was my dettox and clothes now!!!!!! I wish I had taken a couple of packets of wipes and a couple of rolls of kitchen roll with me.

We found a quiet area on one of the airport levels and we took Molly and Tess out of their cages. Now to find how to get out of the airport and hopefully some grass for more wees and poos. I felt like a celebrity. Again, had people not seen dogs on leads before (probably not as it turns out).  Bless the poor dogs they waited until we got to that green grass at the other end of the airport and did their stuff.

Now for the awful part of putting them back in their sky kennels once more, still stinking and wet for the next part of the journey. Again no help from anyone. I followed David as we went in search of an office to ask for help. First they dropped Tess’s kennel off the trolley!!! great, she already has a bad leg and now it had probably been made worse

Off we went to the top of the building to departures and to pay more money. Not so much this time though for our 1 hour flight to Hat Yai in the South of Thailand. I really felt cruel for putting them back in their cages. What had I put them through already and I was going to do again to get to our final destination.

When we arrived at Hat Yai, luckily there was help and we managed to get them all outside. Again celebrity status. Stares and pokes and shrieks. It was over 35 degrees when we landed and oh boy was it hot. Our transport had not arrived and when it did we had to wait as the airport and roads were being shut down. The Kings son was arriving to go back to Bangkok. The only problem was that the security would not let me wait with my dogs and cats in the shaded area covering the outside of the airport. We were told we would have to leave the area but could not leave the airport. Great, no shade and really hot. Why we could not leave when he had already arrived was beyond me but wait we did!!!

We were not allowed to put the animals inside the trucks but they had to travel an hour in the heat to what was to be our home in the back of the pick ups. Again Tess took a nasty fall.  All I could think about when we travelled to Songkhla was if any of them would still be alive by the time we got there.

We eventually arrived, smelly, tired and fed up to a house that had one sofa, one chair, a dining table  & chairs and a bed and we were thankful to the land lord for these items alone.  We would  live like this until our furniture arrived in 6 weeks time. GREAT!!!!

Our little house

The heat was different to Bahrain and my dogs had never lived outside. A bone of content with David as we had to put the dogs in one of the bedrooms in the evening to sleep as otherwise in the morning the one chair and sofa were covered in hairs where they had all decided to sleep.

Then Daisy went missing. One night she went out and did not come back. I called out for her each day. There were lots of stray dogs on the compound. I think one day we counted 25!!! 5 days she was missing. I was so upset and she was David’s baby too. She was such a timid cat, I knew where ever she was she would be frightened. I just hoped she had not gone over the wall into the field by the stream or she would have surely died.

The young lad (Guy) next door stopped to talk to us one day and I mentioned about Daisy going missing. I think he was trying to practice his English. However it was fate, as the next night he came to the gate to say he had mentioned Daisy going missing to his mum. Her friend said she had heard a cat crying for 3 days near them. So off we went to see if it was Daisy. Sure enough there she was, on the roof of an empty house 3 streets from our house. She came down but would not come near. On the other side of the wall a dog was barking and barking. No one to stop it barking of course!!! I managed to get her in my arms but when Guy appeared to help, she took off back up onto the roof. Guy went back for David with a request for a towel to wrap her in if I managed to get hold of her again.

When she saw David she came down after a little coaxing. We got her wrapped up tight and David carried her up the street. Only then did the stray dogs spot her!! She sprang out of the towel giving David a good scratching in the process. That was it, she was gone!! Some of the neighbours had come out to help keep the stray dogs away but that was it, she was in another garden now and the people where in the house asleep!!!!! All I could do was sit and wait, we had tried coaxing her out. I was sure the people in the house were up by now but they did not come out. The gate was locked so I could not get in the garden to get her either. The only thing to do now was play a waiting game and try to entice her with food!

It took about an hour and bless these neighbours, that we had always found loud and inconsiderate, they waited too, to help. Finally she came closer and closer as I threw food. I had laid the towel out on the ground flat in the hope that eventually she would retrieve the dried food off the towel and then I would be able to  pounce. Which is exactly what happened. Only this time there was no way she was getting a chance to escape. I held tight onto the scruff of her neck. I was sure I was probably hurting her but I did not want her to get away again. Maybe this time she would not be so lucky.

Once back in the house, I was so relieved. Molly, Tess and Stella made a big fuss of her which I think helped. I kept her in the next day and then by nightfall she got out again!!! This time I found where she was going. Into the roof space over the kitchen. We never found out how she got in or why she went there. At first I could hear her crying and crying so we opened one of the roof light covers and managed once again to coax her to the edge before I could grab her. Then low and behold she did it again!!! This time, we thought, if she could get in, she can get out. It took hours and hours before she figured it out but she did manage. What on earth was in there I don’t know. Maybe she just thought it a safe place to go. At least now she knew how to get in and out and which way to come down and not go over the wall and get lost. Oh what a worry she was.

Daisy Sunbathing in the garden in Songkhla

You don’t think about all the strange creatures that your pets might encounter. Playing with a bat is not a good toy for a cat or a dog!!! neither is a lizard with big teeth!!! oh the joys of being a parent.


When we got the opportunity to move to Pattaya, we jumped at the chance. Lots of reasons why but mainly because I felt so isolated in Songkhla, hardly anyone spoke English and we were on a compound way out in the middle of nowhere.

We had found a  lovely park to walk the dogs and I always picked up after M&T but after only a couple of weeks we were told we could not walk the dogs any longer in the park!!!!

Songkhla Municipality Park

June 2010

We decided that taking a yet another plane journey with all four + all the extra pots and pans etc that we had had to buy would just be too much to cope with, so I had the great idea of hiring a van and getting us all in there and travelling the what turns out to be 13hours to Pattaya. We managed to hire a van but when OH went to collect it, it turned out to be a mini van with seats in. No other option. This made it difficult to pack all of our stuff into. We had planned to have M,T,S&D in their kennels and all the rest of our belongings around them. Not to be. I think we fell out that night. Trying to get everything packed in the van around, on top of and under seats was no mean feet. I had the idea that if we put Stella & Daisy in one of the dog kennels we could get a litter tray in to so they cold go to the loo. Turns out they just sat in it, huddled together and never moved!!! So that was a huge waste of space but we did not know that at the time.

Setting Off on our long journey

M & T had to sit on a pair of seats as there was no room anywhere else. Well, they did well really but they wanted to be next to us in the front so that sometimes caused a problem. There was just not enough room really for everything and of course everything got covered in dog hairs!!!!!

Molly peaking out at a wee stop!!

The idea of the van trip was also to see some of Thailand as we travelled. Mother nature had a different plan and it rained most of the way. We did stop 3 times over the 13 hours. Wee stops. I had made a huge pile of sandwiches. Just like when I was little and I went out for a day in the car with my mum and dad. We had fruit and biscuits and plenty of juice and water. The only thing missing was the flask of hot tea. Ah well, can’t have everything in life I suppose.

A toilet break

We had no idea that the Petrol stations that we would stop off at would have coffee shops. We had no idea all the places would have good toilets and cafes etc., I think we were expecting something primitive. Each time we stopped we opened the back of the van to let the cats have a breath of fresh air but they just stayed huddled together and never moved.

Cats have the most space!!

Shock probably!! M&T got out and I walked them around to a grass area for their wees.We sat and ate our sandwiches and they had a drink of water, then off we would go again.

OH putting the sandwich bag back, Mol peaking out

The rain never stopped until we neared our final destination. We passed lots of fields full of pineapples, banana trees, all sorts of fruit we had never seen before coming to Thailand. It seemed each district sold a different fruit. Piled high on stalls up the motorway.

The sun comes out eventually

We had sat nav but I was navigating as we got near Bangkok, only we wern’t supposed to actually go there!!!! Oops, got some nice photos though.

Approaching Bangkok!

Took the wrong turn and oops Bangkok City Centre

At last early in the evening we arrived in Pattaya. This house was to be our home for the next couple of months, as on arriving we realised that there was no way our furniture was going to fit!!!! and there were still 3 houses being built around us. Oh the noise from early morning to 6pm, 7 days a week.

Baronial Villas


The good thing about Pattaya for pets is there are lots and lots of vets. Matt from Paragon Properties recommend the vet I use now. Located on Sukhumvit Road just before Tesco’s – Mac Vets for short and its open 24-7. Much cheaper than the UK or Bahrain, which is just as well considering we have 2 dogs and 2 cats.

The staff speak and understand English.

They have a good selection of cat and dog food including special dietary requirement food, chews, toys and beds.

We moved into our next house in August 2010. 2 Ria of garden which is ideal for our pets. There are dogs kennels at the bottom of the garden, which we have only used once!!!!! The dogs and cats sleep on the terrace outside. M&T have their dog bed and S&D have their cat posts.

Our garden
Molly relaxing on her bed
Tess with her ball on her bed
Stella and Daisy

The first day we arrived M&T played on the grass the way they used to play back home, chasing each other and rolling around and around for ages. It was so good to watch. I think finally they were happy.

We still have the same problem with stray dogs but they are usually in 3’s an 4’s at the most.

There are lots of beaches in Pattaya and the surrounding areas. Although it’s a bit of a trek, once I got the pick up it was possible, but oh the stray dogs on the beach!!! I never thought of those. So we can’t go unless there are two of us, in case any of these strays decide to make trouble.

Unfortunately in October of last year Daisy went missing again. Only this time she has not come back. I walked down lanes and roads calling her name for a month, I had posters that I put through neighbours doors or stopped and gave people. They were printed in English and in Thai but to this date some six months later there is still no sign.  Every time I go out in the truck I drive slowly out to the main road just on the chance I may see her in a garden.  I pray that she will be there in the morning when I wake up. I still call for her from the garden just on the off chance that she may still be alive and have found her way home.

Dogs at OH Yard

Where OH works there are 3 dogs that seem to have adopted their yard as their own area. Each day when I used to arrive they would come to the car to say hello. Apparently the men give them food on occasions. They are street dogs (Soi dogs). Tough having to live your life on the streets in Thailand. Only the fittest survive. Painfully thin but you know the black one must have belonged to someone at some point as he sits on command and gives a paw and doesn’t even snatch the food most times, even though he must be very very hungry. I took to taking them bits of food, left over chicken etc., and every time I pulled up they would run to the car and try to follow me to the market. They even got to know the word ‘stay’.  They knew on my return from the market I would be carrying food for them. Even when it was still hot they would be happy to eat it. I felt awful when I went to visit sometimes and I did not have any food for them. Maybe it was the only food that they would have eaten that day??

Of course one of them is female and didn’t she get pregnant. I watched her grow week by week, until one day I arrived and I noticed she was no longer pregnant. I looked near the yard for where she could have hidden her pups. I had no idea that she had actually hidden them in the yard under some pipes!!!!! I thought she would have taken them to a quiet area behind a derelict building. She knew better than me, she knew where would be safe for her babies and it was right under my nose.  These big strong men that look as if they would not care for a pregnant dog had been looking after her and her 8 little pups!!!!!!

Jack ad his family at the yard

Christmas 2010

OH reports back all black and white except one. A tan little fellow, who would be just great and fit in with M&T!!!!

Jack at 4 weeks

Hang on, what did he say????? he who never wanted the dogs, thought they made too much mess and took up too much of my time!!!!! So at the company Christmas BBQ in the yard, there they were. Only 6 had survived but with eyes wide open they were being handed around for cuddles. Oh no, I thought, the worst thing they could do. She would reject them. Little did we know what a good mother she was. She let the men pick them up and be handed around before being rewarded for her kindness with chicken and bbq pork.  I guess she already had that one figured out..

I tried to stay away as much as possible knowing that I would want to take home everyone of them. I kept getting updates from OH on their progress and did visit once or twice for a cuddle and to secretly pick out the one I wanted.  The tan pup that OH kept texting me about seemed fat and slow and not altogether interested. I thought he may have bloat! However, OH was really keen. I liked the black fluffy one or one of the little black and white ones but no OH still loved the little tan girl!!!!

One day a couple of weeks into January I receive a text. If you want to take the tan puppy I won’t complain or interfere!! Well, I thought. If OH wants this puppy he must have really changed and  I for one am not going to stand in the way of progress.  So on the 19th January 2011 I went to collect one tan pup. Only when I got there it turns out she is a he!!!! Oh now OH was not so sure. I had told him years back the reason I had two female dogs was because they were easier to train, not so domineering and did not want to stray. Now we had chosen a boy into a house full of girls!!!

The one thing that had been going over in my mind was how would I manage another girl. I had read there would be trouble and it was easier to take on boy. So I explained my feelings. I took him straight to the vet. I instantly had a name for him. JACK. after my dad. He was covered in flees. I had never thought of that. What about M&T&S.

The vet said to keep them apart. Well, that wasn’t about to happen. I could have put him in one of the kennels but that seemed so cruel.  So we took the risk and let them mix. What I had never seen before was worms. Oh my goodness they were horrid. Big long creamy white things in his poo. I knew as a Soi puppy he would have them, I had just never seen them before. I could have been sick. That meant M&T would have them too as they were both playing mother!!! So off to the vets for more worming tablets for them 2.

I started to keep a diary from the first week we had him and have taken pictures of his progress. So here is all about Jack and how he changed our lives.

Jack the Soi Puppy

We think Jack was born around mid December so the 14th will be his birthday from here on in.

Jack at around 5-7 weeks old

His first visit to the vet on the 19th December was the day I went to get him from the yard and the day I took him home. Jack sat quietly in a linen basket out of  my daughters bedroom. He was given a clean bill of health. The vet dealt with the flees by giving him a pipit of ointment but I was the one that had to pick them off and kill them. Horrid there were and he had two or three ticks between his toes.  We were to take him back in one week and begin his first course of injections.

M&T were all over him when we got him home. Too late to worry about ticks. Wow, our maid come godsend took him out of the car and put him on the floor to meet them both.

Jacks first day home

At the vets I had picked up cans of goats milk and puppy food. No stopping this boy eat!!!  Of course his system was not used to anything other than rice and chicken and his mothers milk and what ever else lay around the yard to eat. He sicked up the first couple of meals but I think he ate it too fast. His little stomach seemed to swell each time he ate.

Jacks crate with ducky

I pulled one of the cat’s sky kennels out of the store room and assembled it. This was to be Jacks crate for the time being. I am a keen follower of Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer and I knew this start was so important to the way Jack would grow up.

The first two evenings we took him into our room to sleep in his crate. The first night he whimpered a lot and I kept myself near the edge of the bed so I could put my fingers through the crate and calm him. Oh that was the wrong thing to do. He woke properly at 2.30am. I took him out side and he had a wee and then I fed him. The same at 5am. He was sick both times after he ate.  The vet did say that this was expected until his stomach got used to the food.

He drinks lots of water and then goes straight for a wee. How on earth did a Soi dog train her pup to be house trained when she would never have set foot or paw inside a house??

Jack can’t get down off the terrace to the garden as he is way too small so I have shown him how to go down the side of the deck which has a smaller drop to the garden then he goes around to the other side. He picked this up so quickly and soon was racing around to catch up with M&T.

Stella the cat has taken the huff, big time and our maid.Wow found her in daughters bedroom in the sink!!!

She won’t come out and she is having to be fed in there. This afternoon she has gone over the garden fence into next doors garden and for the next few days comes and goes over the fence. She is not impressed.

Because Jack was being sick I have changed to giving him rice and chicken with the goats milk. That seems to have made a difference and he has stopped being sick. This was what he was being fed at the yard.  A few hours later he is still holding on to it and has not been sick. Success!!!!

At his masters feet. 1st day

He also has to take vitamins for the fist week.

I have downloaded “How to Raise the Perfect Puppy”Cesar Millan. Oh goodness I have done it all wrong already. I should have introduced Jack with his bottom first!!! I should not have kept touching him when he was fretting, it would make it worse it says!!!!! start again I think.

Tonight I tapped his cage when he started to cry and told him ‘enough’

2nd time tapped again. No more noise until it was time to get up. Hey success. Thanks Cesar!!!!!

M has diarrhoea and is bleeding this morning, otherwise she seems OK

I found another tick in Jacks paws. T is really good with Jack and has taken to him really well. M at this point still seems a bit aloof.

21st Jan.

Last night he slept outside in his crate with M&T. I did as Cesar says and waited until he was settled to close the door. He settled really well and it was M that woke me up by barking to let me know he was awake this morning.

I found a flee on T this morning, so much for Fontline!!!!

Jack seems happy sleeping anywhere, on my knee or in his crate. At 2pm he is asleep under the table on the deck outside while I write in my diary

Mol is on the mat at the door and T is behind me on the terrace.

He has been quite inquisitive this afternoon pulling the sieve from beside the pool and dragging it along the floor. Wish I had had the camera handy. The washing is a good game. Dad’s t-shirts are good for grabbing while they blow in the wind!! I can see I am going to have to move these. He also tried to eat the corner of the kitchen rug today so I will have to watch out for that too.

When he falls asleep now I pop him back in his crate. Cesar says its the best way for him to get used to it. He has woke up and come out again though to be next to M but she wants nothing to do with him today.  I have picked him up and put him on me knee but he wants to eat the diary!!  He soon falls asleep and I have popped him back in his crate.

He seems to have weepy eyes. His ears were very dirty. I have cleaned them out with cotton wool and ear cleaner that I got recently from the vets for T. I will attempt a small cotton bud to get further in as I found a flee and a tick in there yesterday. Poor M&T, I will have to keep checking them too now.

Fed Jack at 6pm chicken, rice and milk and then he had a little bit more with M&T at 7pm as he tried to pinch T’s dinner. What a porker!!!!! Molly won’t eat any more of hers, maybe she was put off or maybe it’s because she seems a bit off colour.

I have made a couple of pully toys out of my socks and he seems to like these. I throw them and he brings them back. I can’t believe it. a couple of days and already he is retrieving……  A star for a pup of 6-8 weeks old. He even jumped off the terrace today, bit of a wobbly landing but he managed. He had a good roll around in the sun before climbing back in his crate himself ,

When he sleeps I wake him by putting his dish in front of his nose and this seems to wake him gently.

Stella is now in our bedroom and is not coming out. Early days yet though.

Jack also fell in the pool today while I was swimming. He fell in behind me and it seemed like ages before he reappeared. He surfaced and swam to the steps but he is too small yet to be able to climb out. He was shaking and snorting. I wrapped him up in a towel and dried him off, poor mite. It’s hard not to comfort him but that would just instil fear.

So much for the flee stuff now!!!! it will have washed away.

8.27pm he is fast asleep for the night now in his crate. I got up at 3am to take him out to pee which he did instantly bless him. Then he settled back down to sleep and did not wake up again until 6am.

22nd Jan

Another good night. sleeping right through. Jack played with T today. He tried a tiny bit of bacon and toast after breakfast and he seems to like it. Gave the toast a really good chew he did.

I had to take Molly to the vets as there was blood on the terrace. Turns out she has eaten something nasty. The vet has x-rayed her stomach and picked up blood in her intestines, not a good sign. They have also discovered that she has spondyloses in her spine. This is were two discs have fused together and may give her a bit of pain. They have given her 3 types of tablets to take twice a day. Poor baby Mol.

OH stayed with Jack & T while I took M to the vets. He said Jack settled straight away and went to sleep when I left.  Jack follows T all over the place. I purchased a small collar and lead at the vets for Jack. Its a little too big but he doesn’t mind having it on and there was no big deal while putting it on his neck. The book says to get him used to it as early as possible.

Jack in his new collar

I also bought some tiny treats for him to keep him busy. He loves the small ball I bought but that was about the extent of the puppy things available over here.  No pully toys.

23rd Jan

Another night outside with M&T and slept all night as far as we were aware until 6am when he started to whimper. He saw S the cat this morning. She ran away, he chased, not a good start, luckily she came back hours later and spent another day in our bedroom.

Jack has played well today with T. She has given him some nips when he has obviously hurt her. M is getting a little better with him and he has attempted to jump at her. She warned him off!!!! I think it’s because she is not well.

He is lying fast asleep on T’s bed on the terrace with them both near him.  12noon, he is awake. This is the longest he has slept. He must have been tired after all that play this morning.

This afternoon he has his first visitors. Nok, Cliff, David & Jan  came to see the house and the pup. He was worn out and slept for a while cuddled into ducky. They could not believe how easily he had adapted and how good he, M&T were.

Once they had gone Martin & Karen arrived with Shoddy & Adam the dogs. Shoddy went for T and she retaliated. Thank goodness she can look after herself. Karen put her in the kennel until it was time to go.

Molly started to play with her pully this afternoon, maybe because she likes Adam and was feeling a little better. The visit must have perked her up.  Martin sat and cuddled Jack and he seemed quite happy. Jack that is not Martin.!!! When they left I went in for a swim and asked T to keep an eye on Jack. I don’t know how she understood but sure enough she got off the terrace and took him onto the grass and played with him while I swam. Rolling around the grass How good is that!!! He is worn out now at 5pm and has flopped on the deck. A good day. Lets see how he sleeps tonight.

24th Jan

No time to write today. Tried to send the pictures I have taken to my daughter of Jack. He seems to get into everything today and is full of mischief.He seems to have stopped eating so fast and as slowed down just a little. He has a dessert spoon of rice, one of puppy food and then a small piece of chicken all covered in goats milk. yyyuuummyyyyy……..he fed at 6am,12noon and then at 6pm

I had to leave T and Jack in the kennel while I took M to the vets for her check up. T was whining terribly. I felt really bad. I think it reminds her of when she was a stray and being in the cat and dog shelter. Something I am sure she has not forgotten.
Turns out she wasn’t in there for long as Wow let her out and played with them both.

Tess plays with Jack

Molly is a lot better but I struggle to get her to take her tablets. Pate seemed to work for 2 days and now on cream cheese.  M finally played with Jack this afternoon, rolling over and over like crazy and jumping around together. Wow and I sat on the grass and just watched them all play together. At last, harmony.  Even S is getting braver and is coming out of the bedroom for food.

All 3 play together

25th Jan

Progress today. S was ready at the door this morning waiting to come in. This is the first day since Jack arrived that I have not had to go and find her. She even ate in the kitchen before going back outside!!!! Success…..

Jack was still asleep this morning but woke while I was preparing breakfast. He had a huge wee and then came in and sat while I made his breakfast.

He had obviously been to the gate through the night to get out as there was a poo there. Glad OH bought some chicken wire home and we put it up against the gap at the side of the gate otherwise he would have gone…..

It’s only 8.30am and I am shattered already. Pups are hard work. Glad he is asleep. I think I will nap in the chair now. I need to also get back into my routine of swimming.

Jack had is first shower today in the bath tub. Maybe that was a mistake as it was slippy and he was really frightened.I think next time I will wash him with the hose as I do M&T or do it in our shower, which has a tiled, no slip floor. He was so frightened he clung to me. Again it was hard not to utter soothing words, which would have only instilled the fear.

26 & 27th Jan

Vaccination went well today. Nok came in the car with me to help take all of them to the vets for their yearly vaccinations and rabies shots. I made the mistake of putting Stella in the back of the pick up in her crate. It must have been too hot for her and she was so frightened that she wet herself. Next time I will put her in the front beside me.

The last two nights he has slept outside with his cage door open and he seems to take longer to settle and he comes and cry’ s at the back door. but tonight he settled no bother. Just takes time I guess. Turns out M must be a contortionist as she was in his cage this morning!!!!!

Got M&T to go in the pool and lifted Jack in, he did not like it. I will have to lead him in just like Cesar says. Good way to cool him off.

Fed him with M&T this evening but he was straight into M’s dish and she just let him take it!!!!

Fri 28th Jan

Jack slept right through until 7am this morning as OH left for work early and Jack did not even stir. The last 3 days he has had his breakfast and then also had a bit of toast with M&T. He really likes that and makes a big thing of chewing the toast!!! Playtime follows. He has become very vocal for his food and I am trying to reinforce the “Tsst”sound and show him it’s wrong. He still sits nicely though.

He plays a lot with M&T now and M is really good at playing with her pully with him. I think it has given her a new lease of life.

Fed at 7am, 1pm and 7pm today.

28th Jan

I went shopping today and left them with Wow. On return S the cat walked straight past Jack to come outside and then he followed her. She turned and saw him and she had a big hissy fit. He did not move but I could see him visibly shrink. I don’t think he will get that close again.  Hopefully we are making progress. S came to play in the garden this morning at play time just as she used to to play with the ball.

Sometimes the “Tsst”sound does not work when he is transfixed, like when he is eating the tree!!! So I do smack him on the bottom and this takes his attention away. I do try and divert his attention then to something else. Clapping my hands sometimes works too. We have put chicken wire around the tree now so he can’t chew it. There is a hole at the base and we have had to evict the toads and fill with stones as he was always sticking his nose in to it. God help him if a snack was in there.

Jack seems to be frightened of Souza the pool man and runs away while growing and barking. Flight, aggression . He does love Wow though and greets her happily with lots of kisses and tail wagging in the mornings. He is happy for her to look after him when I go out. What he does not like is her touching him when he is asleep. He has tried to bite her twice when she has woken him and he has been startled!!

Fed at 1pm today and is still looking for more. He tried a tiny bit of tuna mayo today. Yep, he liked it. It must be sleep time as he is fast asleep under my chair again. He only woke for his lunch.

9th Feb

Time moves quickly on and this week I can see he has grown. He now can jump out of the pool himself and jumps onto the terrace too. No need to go down onto the decking and around. Something he could not do before.

He plays well with M&T now constantly and is no longer interested in a ball or pully unless M or T are at the other end of the toy!!!
He is chewing the table and chairs outside on the terrace!!

He went for his 2nd set of injections today without M&T. He does not travel well and will not keep still and was trying to get on my knee. He seems to salivate a lot. I will take Wow with me next time and he can sit on her knee or I will have to put him in his crate.

Last night he cried constantly at the patio doors, going from each one in turn. I don’t know how to stop him, I guess it will just take time. I think separation anxiety. I don’t think he should be in the house all the time while the other two are outside but then he is just a pup but if we let him in now all the time,  it will be harder to change the routine when he is bigger.

Over the past week we have started to walk the 3 of them at 5.15. We can only go a little way as there are too many dogs to worry about. I wish we could find somewhere dog free or a nice dog area to walk.  He has to wait 1 more week before I can take him to the beach. No swimming either boo hoo for Jack . It’s good that he likes to come in the pool now to have a little swim, such good exercise.  If only M would come in happily.

Wish we could spay his mum, I bet she is pregnant again now.

Jack is a good dog and today I let him come inside for an afternoon nap with M&T. He just lay on the floor and did not move. All was ruined when S the cat appeared and declared it was time to get up!!!! The doors were still open and he just got up and went and lay on the porch with M until I joined them with S. She allows him to sniff her but no more. She still hisses at him and he has began to puppy bark pack!!!!! danger…..

He likes soft boiled eggs,scrambled eggs and weetabix with milk.

Today he got a tiny bit of pate and cheese while I was enticing M with her tablets.

I have tried him with apple and he does like it but it came back a while later so maybe too young yet.

Must wean him off the chicken soon as its not something I will be feeding him forever, it will be dog food and mixer.

Going for a walk

I have found it best to walk him alongside M. I am sure it would be better to walk the 3 of them together but then Wow would have no dog to walk and she does like to help. He is so funny, hop, skip and jumping along. Sometime he sits down for a while but a gentle tug on the lead and after a breather get himself going again.

He likes to stop and sniff and chew almost everything he sees. Not always good in a place like Thailand. He trys to jump on M&T too while he is walking and trys to bite the lead.

He does not like going past the house with the two dogs. They rush to the gate and bark but each day is getting better. However, he will not go past the house with the 4 or 5 dogs including the Rotti, too much noise. Still we turn back and go home. Each day going a litter further helps.

We put away the crate last week because M was using it to sleep in at night. She will do herself an injury I am sure. I purchased another bed. M of course claimed that one. Then T took M’s old one and so on and so forth down the line it goes. Pecking order eh??

Jack now gives a paw and knows the word “sit”and must be a multilingual dog as se can also do the same for Wow and she only speaks Thai….

He seems to be coming into the “frightened”period and seems to be afraid of other people.

Cliff and Nok came today and they still think he is going to be a big dog!!!!

Went to the vets and she says the marks under his front legs are not mange but scratches. I think it must be from jumping over the hedge near the pool.

Got direction off Thai Visa forum for a pet shop in Pattaya so will be off there to look for a sterile bone.

11-13th Feb

Jack seems to have grown so much and there is no filling him. He has gone back to shovelling his food down really quick. On Sunday we fed him first then I put him in the lounge while I fed M&T, much better and he didn’t eat so quickly.

No more goats milk now according to the internet and he seems OK, just using a little bit hot water to mix it all together.

He looked so peaceful while sleeping, I had to take this snap

Friday 11th.

We had a swarm of wasps today in the garden and had to keep all 4 of them indoors. M kept trying to eat them as they were attacking Jack. Scooped him up and shouted for M&T to follow me inside. S was last to come in.

Souza came to cut the grass and the problem seemed to go away.

M has taken on the mother roll with Jack. Tess I think is just his playmate.

I found the pet show and bought some chew sticks. This caused a huge problem. M was fixated and does not want to play and is panting hard. She won’t leave the chew stick and has growled and snapped at Jack quite a lot, who is insisting she share!!!!!!

Then the worst thing happened Friday tea time Molly went for Jack. I was swimming and heard Jack barking a lot at Molly to play. Then I heard the growl. Molly barked then Jack was squealing. I jumped out of the pool, by that time he was limping badly and he kept falling over. Tess I think went to help and he snapped at her. I wanted to take him to the vets  but OH would not hear of it. 30-45 mins later he was as right as rain and ready to play!!!!

I also have to take the ball off T when we are finished playing as she is becoming obsessive with it. Cesar says taking the ball away ends play. It’s a leaning curve all the time!!!

Saturday  I fed Jack at lunch time and then we went out. First time since we got him. He slept most of the afternoon from what I can gather from Wow.


With Wow to help I washed both cars. Jack really likes the water and was trying to play with the hose pipe. Soapy water is really good fun as he was trying to eat the bubbles!! He doesn’t mind getting wet either which is a good thing.

He has been back in the pool again, even though he is not supposed to get wet for another week,  but I just can’t stop him, he happily jumps in himself now.  He swam to me, half way up the pool, then back to OH.

He had his lunch late today at 3.30 as we were out and still managed all his tea at 7pm. We weighed him – 6 kilos!!!

Monday 14th Feb

Sitting waiting at the door with M, his new mum at 7am. I tried feeding M&T breakfast last week but it made T sick. I have gone back to giving them just toast in the mornings. Jack continues to have his 1 spoon of rice, 1 of puppy food and 1 of chicken. At dinner I now add puppy mixer.

23rd Feb

Jacks 3rd injection, Weight 6.95kilos

I took Wow with me and he was salivating everywhere, luckily I had put a towel over her knee. When we had almost reached the vets I looked over, you just know that look don’t you – quickly tried to explain to Wow that he was going to be sick. She just caught it all in time. Bless him, she held the towel up and he was sick into it. He did not try to move, I think he knew she was trying to help.  Tennis ball, rice and stones!!!!! yep, he eats anything!!!! Once we were inside the vets he was happy to sit on my knee. He wasn’t even fazed by some rather large naughty dogs. He growled at the vet as she injected him and then tried to bite her. He was reprimanded!!!!!! Pity the man with the uncontrollable German Shepherd had not thought to do the same.

Jack was wormed again. Had his first rabies shot and no bath for a week. Yeh right!!!!

Well that didn’t work as he jumped in the pool the following weekend. He just loves it, especially when OH is in the pool.  He jumped in head first!!!!! Yep both of them!

28th Feb

He seems to have found his voice and barks at M&T to play and at S too.

He wants whatever they have got!!! He continues to bite everything and has even tried to hump Tess on quite  few occasions.

I now can’t get out of the gate in my truck without him.He just runs straight out onto the road. I have to get out and take him back to the steps and try to make him sit and stay.

Coming back in isn’t so bad as I stop and open the door and get him on my knee but going out is a problem unless Wow is there.


4th April

Where does the time go? Jack has grown so quickly and most of the time he is a really good pup. We have only one problem. Food aggressions. Cesar says dogs don’t come with problems, we create them. Well, I don’t know how but I obviously have and thank goodness for Cesar’s website.

It all started one night after they all had had their tea’s. Lying quite happily on the mat in the kitchen while I did the dishes. Next thing Jack attacks Molly. Viciously and so quick to the head and mouth. I did not see it coming. I tried to pull him off and he tried to go for me too. Same thing with my OH, so he was put outside.  It continued to happen a couple of times after that. So I went onto the Cesar site. and posted a question on the foru.Someone replied. Their help has been Jacks saving or he would have gone back from where he came. We feed them separately now and take him straight outside for his toilet before meeting M&T again. This seems to have stopped the aggression. Until the other day, he attacked before we had even started tea so now he has spoilt it for them all. They now stay outside until the tea is ready before being allowed in. Then he is fed on his own by OH.

Goodness knows how Wow will cope when it is time to go back home to visit family and friends, but we hope that he will be much improved and there won’t be a problem by then.

S the cat still gives Jack a wide birth and if he gets too close she give him a quick one two with the old paws!!! he has learnt to keep his distance.

7th April

How I wish I had someone else there to witness and share this experience today. Jack dived in the pool this afternoon while I was in swimming and I mean dived!!!! With no encouragement, no hesitation and then proceeded to swim backwards and forwards as if he was showing off. He then jumped back in when Tess dived in for her ball. He tried to get right up close to her and he then swam by her side all the way to the steps. I was so proud of him today.

Then when OH came home from work,although he wouldn’t come back in the pool, he ran up and down the side of the pool, racing around and around, just as if he was having a mad half hour.

He had a huge tea and OH said he really slowed down tonight. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come back up.

He should sleep well with all the swimming in the pool this afternoon and running about.

I found harness’s at the vets today for Jack so I can attach the harness to the seat belt in the truck,  but the trouble is I don’t know what size to get him. I will have to get either OH or Wow to sit with him in the truck while I take him there to see which one fits. Then I will be able to take him to the beach on my own with M&T. Hurray!!!!!!

I got home today from shopping and he has taken to running out of the gate!!! Straight onto the road. So now to make him about turn I open the door. He now can jump in and he sits on my lap while I drive the truck into the car port!!! He sure thinks he is top dog!!!!!

10th April

OH said today that when my daughter comes she will say “mum I thought you had a puppy?” he is no longer so tiny and has grown so much over the last month. I think he is going to be that big dog that some people said he would be right at the start.

He already is trying to dominate Mol & Tess….. Stella is still in charge though.

I fed Stella on the floor on Friday night instead of the usual bench. He didn’t go near her once!!!! I think he knew who was in charge that night!!!! Well, she did have prawns and after all they are her favourite.

I have had all three of them on the treadmill. Molly and Tess took to it no bother but I thought Jack was going to have a fit!!! I had to hold and support his underbelly and then after what seemed like ages he finally got it. Wish I could have had a picture of that.

Here are some new pictures I have taken today.

Stella keeping out of the way and posing on the table. You may be able to make out David jogging in the background on his treadmill.



13th April

After reading an article on Cesarsway again last night I realize yet again we are doing things wrong. Oh goodness it’s so hard. All this playing with M&T tugging at their necks. Its all been wrong. We shouldn’t have been letting him do it. Turns out it’s red zone behaviour. As he gets bigger it will turn into nasty fighting.

The other thing is when OH is swimming Jack stands at the edge of the pool, when OH comes to the side, he wants to lick OH’s face. I have said I was sure as Jack’s head was now higher than OH’s that this was some sort of behaviour where he became higher in the pack than him. Turns out, I was right. Watching the Dog Whisperer the other night. When a dog licks you this way he is saying you are in his pack and he owns you!!!!! What??  I couldn’t believe it. That’s a major thing. So no more  rinsing his face for Jack to lick it. Yuk…..

When I get out of the pool Tess licks my shines.I call her Tessie licky legs when she does this. No more of that either. Gosh I had no idea of the implications. See after all these years of having dogs I am still learning all the time.

Whatever Jack has rolled in today, he stinks yet again. The smell is disgusting. I can’t figure out what it is but it’s awful. They all got washed with the hose pipe yesterday to try and make them smell a bit nicer and I washed their bedding…..

This was the first time Jack had been washed since he was a pup as he goes in the pool nearly everyday.  He didn’t like it. I put his lead on and led him to the hose pipe. He had stood and watched M&T get washed and had kept his distance. I was so surprised as usually when I am washing my truck he tries to play with the water and the hose…. seems this is different. What a state he got himself into. Turning around and around to try and get his collar off, which he did and then he would run away. I would pick him up and bring him back and start again. He even tried to bite me!!!!

So I started putting the water on my hand and smoothing it over him!!! OK this seemed to be working, so next went the shampoo. I still had to keep a hold of him but just supported his tummy with my hand. I finally after much stopping, resting and restarting managed to finish the job. It was only later that evening that I remembered yet again words from Cesar. Start with a wet face cloth. So this is what I did today. I think until he get used to it I will have to wash him with a face cloth and a bucket of water!!!!

I would just love to know what he is rolling in to get this disgusting smell off him and out of my garden.

16th April

Christina my daughter arrived. Oh boy is Jack frightened. It would seem he is frightened of everyone he meets. I don’t understand why. If she goes near him he growls. Although she has a pup of her own in the UK she is clearly unsure of him.

It has only taken a few days for him to get used to her and now they are pals.

We have still had a few incidents of him growling at the other dogs and Christina and the other day all 3 dogs gave chase after Stella the cat!!!! Well, they all got a smack. Jack would not give up the chase. Luckily Wow managed to get hold of him and even she smacked him. Poor Stella, right up onto the wall of the garden. She would not come down, so Wow parted the palm trees and I tried to reach her. She was as still as a statue, I think she was in shock. I managed to grab her by the scruff of the neck and hoist her down. Poor little thing. I carried her up the garden and lay her down on the cool tiles in the living room. She was panting hard. Bless her, once she had cooled down she went off to bed for the day.

Now I worry that Jack sets M& T off and one day Stella may not be so lucky. They are all in disgrace today.

25th April

2 days late for his next rabies injection. Off Christina and I went to the vets. Jack was quite happy to sit on Christina’s  knee. She was draped in a towel as he still salivates badly.

Once at the vets he climbed on my knee, what a whoose he is!!!!! He wouldn’t walk into the vets room so I carried him, sure this is the wrong thing to do too. Anyway turns out after all that fear they had made a mistake and it was only his heart worm injection today and the rabies is next month. Great, no one to help then.

The vet also took a lot at the cut under his front leg. She thinks its to do with the heat and has given me some cream which she also said would help with M& T’s hot spots!!! we will see. I also asked about the little spots of missing fur!!! No answer for that one!!!!

On coming out of the vets I asked about a harness for the car so I can take him out on my own. The girl went to approach Jack with the hardness. God you would think she was killing him. Squealed like a pig he did!!!! really it was embarrassing and then of course came the growling. She backed off and I gave him a poke in the neck!!!

None of the harness’s fitted so we will have to wait for him to grow a bit more. Back on Christina’s knee in the car he seemed much happier.

He is getting better when the girls come over for lunch or coffee but they are really good and just ignore him now. He is no good with other dogs either and wants to bite their heads off!!!! Oh great, I don’t know where we have gone wrong.

This week he attacked Molly over a chew stick. Mind she did try and pinch his chew but he attacked her and bit her on the eye. To the corner and the upper lid. It was bleeding for quite some time.

It not only seems to be about food aggression now but if M&T try and get close to me. Even Stella has been the subject of his aggression on more than one occasion and now he is getting bigger he is getting braver. I really worry about Stella being attacked.

This week I have written to the Cesar Milan (Dog Whisperer site) to see if someone can help with is ongoing aggression. Feed time is much better as feeding them apart as worked. He now sits and waits until David gives the command to eat. Which is really good for such a young dog. I just don’t know how to handle the unpredictable aggression.

I think I will have to schedule visitors with and without dogs everyday to make his socialize more. I really needed that harness for the car so I can take him to the beach. There is no way he will sit still in the car without it.

Christina and I took M,T & J to the beach one day. Of course as soon as Tess sees the stray dogs she starts whining. That set them all off barking but Jack was OK. I managed to convey calm assertive energy and they all settled down and went away.

We didn’t let Jack off the lead as there were more stray dogs on the beach itself. Luckily when they saw us coming they ran into the grassy area.

We let M&T off further along the beach and it was only when Tess dived in the water that Jack must have thought it was a good idea if she was there, he could be there!!!! That was it, it worked. He was trying to drink it though and I had seen a Dog Whisperer episode where the dog had collapsed after drinking too much sea water so that was a bit of a worry but he came through it all OK.

Jan has also offered to meet me at the beach with her Jack for a walk, only problem there is that her Jack really fancies our Tess and I don’t think he would leave her alone!!!!

16th May

Where does all the time go. My post for today but even now I am asking the same thing. Jack has just turned 5 months old and boy has he grown. He is almost the same size as Tess now. He still has problems with aggression which sometimes seem worse than ever. I have posted again on the Cesarsway forum and await a reply.

He has taken to jumping into the pool for a drink of water now and I can’t always catch him to make him stop. The other day I could see Wow laughing when I went outside to find out why, it was because Jack had jumped in the pool had a swim about by himself and hopped back out!!!! Since then we have watched him quite a few times doing this. He did it today.

I looked up to find another cat in the garden, of course as soon as I got up to have a look the gang gave chase. I was sure it was Daisy but I could not get to see properly and then when I went around the garden to look to see if I could see her, Jack jumps in the pool, takes a drink and then has a swim about. Oh if only Molly would do this. She seems to be putting on weight as she is not so keen to play any more. I think I mentioned before every time she wants to play, Jack wants to jump on her or take the toy off her!!! so she just doesn’t bother.

The lump on his neck is growing bigger so next week when I take him for his rabies vaccination I will mention this. His claws look big too and oh yes my dad say I am to ask about getting him castrated early to help calm down his aggression. Otherwise I can see him being muzzled most of the time

23rd May

Today Jack went to the vets for his last Rabies shot. I explained about his aggression and how it is getting worse. She agrees to try castration but explains that they can not guarantee that this will be the answer to our problem. So as I type this update Jack is at the vets. I have to collect him at 6pm this evening.

I felt really bad leaving him there. He seemed so lost and frightened. I hope and pray that he will not bite anyone. I could hear him crying when I waited to pay the bill.

Molly and Tess also went with me for a full health check up. Molly has been trying to clean her bottom a lot lately and I thought something may be wrong. It would seem she is OK. Heart is strong as are her limbs etc.,

The vet gave Tess’s poorly leg a good examination and was pulling it this was and that and confirmed it was still in alinement’s and there was no need to worry. Although they could not give me the Previcox tablets that Tess has for her poorly leg, they could give me a similar tablet for whenever she needed it.

Maybe it is Jack’s behaviour that is pulling Molly down. They are both lying beside me now as I type this fast asleep!!!! No barking patrol today.

I have been looking on the internet at Jack’s breed type as we are sure he is nearly all Thai Ridgeback and sure enough he looks like one and oh boy do they have some strong characteristics. Don’t do well with other dogs – just great!!!! good for guarding!!! David will be pleased with that. Hunting – be wary of small animals!!!! oh poor Stella. Hard to train, yes, that seems about right.  Aggressive……well, that seems to sum him up doesn’t it??????

Looking at this picture you would think that butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth!!!! WRONG………

I have read a lot lately about being calm and not to shout at him when he is attacking. It will do no good, but it is really hard when he is attacking Molly or Tess not to shout!!!! How do you stay calm when he is hurting one of my other dogs????? If only Cesar could come and help me.

Lets hope that by giving him the snip it calms him down a lot and makes him less aggressive.

Each day now Stella gets closer and closer to being savaged. She is her own worst enemy. She stands right beside him and then when he goes to sniff her she hisses and spits with  paws boxing!!!! Now he is getting brave and is retaliating!!!!  It’s a ticking bomb scenario, especially if it’s in his breed to hunt!!! and yet the other evening they were hunting a rat together????

I need to remember to buy a muzzle today too. see if that will help calm him down.

Otherwise he is such a good little dog. He swims so much now. I held the pulley toy in front of him yesterday and he swam around and around after the toy. He is fast too. Then he has a mad half hour thereafter, slipping and sliding all around the terrace. He jumps in after Tess but almost trys to drown her trying to jump on top of her to get the ball.

I have been reading about hide and seek games so maybe I need to hide the treats and see if he can find them behind trees etc., Maybe David could make some jumps in the garden. The breed apparently are good at jumping.

I will have to get over my fear of the stray dogs and take him down to the beach. Build his confidence and then take Molly and Tess too. Once he is trained a bit more.

29th May

This past week has been full of vets visits and dog walking. No time for much else this week. I had decided maybe I was not giving Jack enough of my time. After all when M&T were little we walked miles per day. Jack doesn’t get any walks, well not many anyway.

I collected Jack from the vets and straight away on returning to the house he growled at M&T. I about faced him and offered his rear. All was well until later that evening at the door waiting for their dinners!!!! He attacked.

So the next day I went down to the vets to purchase a muzzle. I had just about had enough of his nasty red zone behaviour. M&T try to keep out of his way now most of the time. I needed to change his dressings. He was having none of it. Wow even offered to help but he went for her as she tried to hold him down. I managed to get most of the dressing off but the last little bit was stuck on his stitches. So back again to the vets we went, muzzle in hand!!!!!

I don’t think the vet could believe that we couldn’t manage a simple job!!! yeh right, there were 2 of us holding him down and of course there is always a magic way to hold him that they don’t tell you about. Hold both back and front legs firmly together and pull, while of course you are at the top end holding him upper body still!!!! yeh, simple really!!!!!

They did not give me a lampshade thing to put over his head. The next day we woke to no dressing and guess what, no stitches!!!! So back we went to the vets. This time they said the wound was dirty and they would restitch but also keep him in over night. Oh goodness he would go mad at this. He now totally shuts down in the car once we arrive at the vets!!! He won’t get out, not even for a biscuit!!!!

Muzzle on and I offered to take him into the cage but there was no room downstairs and for whatever reason they did not want me to go upstairs with them. So paid the bill and left!!!!

What a peaceful day M&T and I had .Off to the beach we went. There were a lot of stray dogs so M&T did not get off their leads until well past the group of strays that now sported pups!! why oh why do people come and feed them there???? they just grow in numbers and confidence.

I collected Jack the next day and asked for a lampshade this time.We went to the disused park on the way home from the vets. We had to avoid a quarter of the area due to a rather nasty stray dog. There were other stray dogs around but they did not seem to be bothered by us.

I then returned there just after 4pm for the evening walk. Jack met his first two joggers. Wow he nearly had a fit!!! he was pulling and twisting and turning to get free, but on the 2nd round he was much better. Just wished we could have stayed longer. The one stray dog is a real problem. Obviously his patch!!

On the way out a truck pulled up with two huge golden retrievers in. The guy was carrying a baseball bat. He must have been a regular there to know there was the unsavory stray dog!

The next day we woke up to Jack having his lampshade still in place but no dressing or stitches. How he managed it we don’t know and I am sure it must have been painful to remove those stitches!!!!! back to the vets on Friday. They now say they will keep him in for the whole duration of time needed for the wound to heal. Some 7 days. God, he will be even worse by then, confined to a small cage. They have put on a longer lampshade over his head and the vet tells me they have a behaviour specialist in their team. She is going to write him a memo and we can come and see him Saturday.

OH agrees that if he is wearing a larger lampshade surely we can risk bringing him home. We can not afford to keep him in there for a whole week at around 30 pounds a night including meds!!!!

We went to get him today and spoke for a long time with the vet. He agrees with the food aggression and what seems like guarding of me from M&T. He advises that we have our work cut out for us trying to change Jack’s Soi behaviour but it is achievable he says. He has another client with the same problem. Strange thing was that he had never heard of Cesar Millan or the Dog Whisperer. When Jan returns my book I think I will take it to him to read or buy him one….. well maybe.

He also says when he attacks, to try putting him the kennel for a few hours. Cesar says not to split the pack. I am trying to make the kennels a good place to rest not a punishment place. Confusion, confusion.

This last week I had cleaned one of the kennels out and each day after our walks I have taken the dogs inside, yes me too!!! and just sat with them to show them that this is a resting place. Molly is quite happy and just goes to sleep, Tess is not so rested but is giving it a try and Jack, nope, he is having none of it…. ah well, there is plenty of time for him to learn.

Jack is going to sleep with us tonight so I can keep my eye on him. Hard I know when I should be sound asleep, ha ha. At least I should hear him trying to take off the lampshade. Below is a picture of him with his old lamp shade on.

Bless him, he is so good most of the time. I just wish we could hurry up and get this aggression  sorted. I am in contact with a rehabilitation specialist through the Cesarsway forum and they are going to try and help me with Jack. They say it can take 60days for the testosterone to leave his body!!!! oh goodness, that is a long time for this nasty streak to last. There must be light at the end of the tunnel.

The vet also thinks we need to socialize him more. Not easy when we hardly know anyone!!! Not like I can accost people on the street and drag them home is it?????

Back to the vets tomorrow and I will take M&T with me as Mol is still not leaving her bottom alone and I know there is something wrong there.

Lets hope I have a peaceful night with Jack.

3rd June

Another week has gone by already. I did take Molly to the vets with Jack. Also took Tess along for the ride. I can’t leave her at home by herself she would have wondered what she had done.

Turns out Mol has an infection in her bottom, bless her, 3 types of tablets. I am still convinced it looks more like a little pile on her bottom but hey, they are the vets!!!!! funny how they said she was OK last week, even though I knew she was not.

Jack, ah yes, little Jack. Well, he got his dressing changed and so far so good. Monday meant we didn’t have to go back until Wednesday for another dressing change. I also took a big banana cake with me for all the staff. There seemed so many with me on the morning. Hope I did not embarrass them but I thought they had all helped so much with grumpy Jack. . He was really good on Wednesday, I was so pleased with his progress. OK, so I had to get him out of the car but he walked up the steps to the vets himself and in through the door. He did try and climb on the seats but when his name was called he walked all the way to the surgery door before putting on the brakes. A little tug and through he went. Yeh ha. Progress. The vet said I could wait until tomorrow (Saturday) to go back

I still have to use the muzzle but one of the boys held him close when I had lifted him on the table and he held him in his arms and they did not even have to have him on his side. Just held his front legs off the table and the vet managed to change the dressing with only one small growl!!!! more progress and then it was out the door

I am walking them all twice a day now and although I am not sure Mol is enjoying it I know Tess is but she still seems afraid of Jack and his lampshade.  I do one walk with all of them and then double back home and drop Mol and Tess off then go back out with Jack to try and use up some of his energy. Hopefully it seems to be working. We still can’t walk very far but he is getting used to the motorbikes and vans that pass. It’s people on foot he is not keen on.

Jan and Wendy came for coffee this week and I put Jack on his lead so that Jan could get her huge truck into the drive. Well, he went mad. Barking, taking his front paws off the gravel etc., I had not heard such a deep bark coming from my pup before. Wow, I think he is going to be David’s guard dog after all. Once the girls were in the house he settled no problem.

I have also posted a cry for help on my W&H forum and bless what a response. Yet again I have been doing it all wrong with Jack. I should not have been feeding him first but last and he should have been made to watch M&T eating so that he would get that he was last in the pack. Chilla even said that he should watch the cat eat too. Which he already does. One thing right at least.

I have had to tie his lead around the dining room table leg (he can’t pull that as it’s so heavy). Boy does he have a little tantrum at M&T being fed first!!!!! hehe. Then I now make him wait with the bowl in my hands until he lies down and calms down completely. Then he gets his food and it seems to be making him slow down too.  Chilla said to ignore him and not make a fuss of him so much. Show him he is not important in the pack and I am making more of a fuss of the other 3.

He still seems a bit grump sometimes but until today I have not used the muzzle on him. He growled a lot after breakfast this morning and I needed to go in the shower and I wanted to put him outside with M&T. I don’t trust him at all not to attack them though, hence the muzzle.

They both seem very afraid of him, but hopefully putting him last in the pack with make them more confident again.

Wonder what will happen tomorrow when he gets his stitches out??? Wonder if the lampshade will be coming off or if he will have to keep it on for another week. I can’t wait to give him a soaking and a good bath, he stinks!!! Another thing he does not like!!

He was sick in the middle of the night, probably ate too much or it may have been the very loud music  from somewhere outside that made him be very nervous I don’t know.  See what the next few days brings as David is away. Wonder if Jack will try to be even more dominant than before?

I also think sleeping with us has helped him settle a bit more too. I don’t know if this makes him think he is top dog though but he does seem more settled. I think he is also feeling better as he seems to want to play just a little bit too.

5th June

Off we went to the vets early yesterday morning. He is much better at the vets with Mol and Tess there. Probably gives him more confidence. He was quite well behaved, only one growl again while they took the stitches out and re dressed the wound. He has to keep his lampshade on for another 3 days!!!!! I have to change the dressings too. He never mentioned coming back either. I think they have forgotten that he needs his last rabies shot!!!!!

Molly it turns out as an abscess on/in her bottom. 2 weeks more of tablets but no mention of bathing her bottom or anything!!!! Do they really know what they are doing here. She still seems really lethargic. The vet says it has not healed up as quickly as he would have liked. Funny he did not know she had an abscess last week?????

So she is to stay in as much as possible for the next two weeks. See if we can speed up the healing process. I am sure M&T think it’s great staying in our room. Goodness knows if my OH will be able to cope with all 3 in our bedroom or will I have to choose another room? I don’t want Jack gnawing the legs of the dining room table or anything.

The feeding routine is going well and it only takes him a minute now to settle and wait for his food. Will be much better again I hope when he has no lampshade on.

I shampooed Mol & Tess this morning but of course I can’t wet Jack’s dressing yet but he does smell terrible. I have even tried baby wipes but he just pinches them and has a dicky fit trying to get away. I need to find some way of keeping him calm while I bathe him. Can’t wait to get him back in the pool to swim again it will use so much more of his energy.

Joan came over yesterday for lunch and although he barked at her from the step as soon as she got out the car he was right there to welcome her. He kept licking her legs too she said!!! She was very good and ignored him as much as possible which worked. We have not got to the stroking stage yet but I don’t think it will be long.

The dogs all slept with me in our bedroom while my OH is away. The settled well and although Jack woke me at 6am for a wee, once we had been out they all settled well and I did not wake up till 8am. A real “lie in”for me.

I am walking all 3 morning and late afternoon now and I think this is also helping Jack settle better. Making sure he is last through the doors and through the gate. We can only walk a little way because of the stray dogs and the heat of course. Each day averages 80-90 degrees with incredible humidity at the moment. I am soaked when I return with M&T. I leave them at the front door while I go out again with Jack. He does seem to walk better on his own. I don’t know why because M&T are no bother walking at all. If it were not for the snake risk, they would walk off the lead like they did in Bahrain and in the UK.

21st June

Can’t believe where the time has gone. Lets back track a couple of weeks. Jack and Tess came through the door on a Thursday evening and wow, the next thing I know a full scale fight in the kitchen. Jack does not like either of them coming into the kitchen with him!!!! can you believe it. Anyway they were up on their hind legs fighting and moving really quick across the kitchen floor. I could not seem to get a grip of Jacks collar or neck. The next thing – some how my hand gets in the way of that nasty mouth and he just kept biting down on my hand.

I managed to grab him off and put him down onto his side. Oh my hand hurts a lot. He has punctured my hand 5 times. 2 on the top and 3 in the palm of my hand. It’s not bad but oh boy does it hurt. It has swollen quite a bit too. I don’t know what we are going to do. I know OH finds it really hard not to beat him, especially now he has bitten me. The decision is to find him a home if we can or to the man with all the dogs if not.

He remains outside for the rest of the evening. Good old Tess, finally she seems to be sticking up to him and gave him as good as she got. I have praised her so much for fighting back. Hope she understands that I am proud of her for trying to fight back.

By Saturday my hand was beginning to bruise and it was still swollen so off to the hospital for a tetanus and a series of rabies jabs. The rabies jab was OK but oh boy did the tetanus hurt. My arm ended up hurting for 5 days. I couldn’t even lie on it. The 1st & 2nd rabies jabs were fine but the 3rd, not so good. Nice big mark on my arm now.

Then we had another incident last week. I was getting ready for our morning walk when a little playing on the rug in our bedroom soon escalated. I have to admit now I am frightened to put my hands in. My hand is still sore. Again it was Tess he was attacking. This time I had to let her finish it. Thank goodness he didn’t get the better of her this time either. She got him on the floor by the neck and held him down until I could take over. What a star she is. Her ear was bleeding and she has bite marks on her back and the skin is bleeding too.

Again I praised her for being such a good dog for helping me. Holding him down and not letting go until I told her it was OK. He was still trying to get up and have another go. I wish Tess would come back over and sniff him where she is supposed to, to show she is higher in the pack than he. She is afraid.  I don’t know if it’s me she is afraid of in case she gets into trouble for fighting or of Jack?? I wish I was better at this dog psychology.

More than 3 weeks on now and Molly still has a sore bottom so I have taken her to a new vet. Jan recommend him. Pattaya Animal Hospital on Pattaya Tai. (South road to you and I). He is an older vet and seems to take more time with us and ask more questions. When I took Molly he said there was no point in giving her any more tablets as it obviously wasn’t working. What he did do was get loads of puss out of her bottom though. YUK….He explained exactly what was happening down there.

He also advised me to cut down her intake of tin food as this is too much protein for her now. Better stop the scrambled egg for breakfast too!!!

He has given me a hydro-cortisone spray for her bottom. I came away from the vets feeling much more confident and I asked him if he could finish Jack’s rabies vaccination.

Yesterday I went back to the vets with Jack. Jack got out of the car fine and followed me into the vets. OK he started to be frightened and was trying to flee. The vet was busy with another lady but I think it gave Jack time to settle down.

An assistant tried to lift him up onto the table at which point Jack did his usual screaming thing. The poor boy was shocked. I popped the muzzle on and put him on the table. The vet and I talked for quite some time about Jack’s problem. He said that there was a way to move forward and help Jack. That Jack had a compulsive disorder and that he had come across dogs like Jack before. That some breeds had a problem and they can be overcome with the help of a tablet. Not a sedative but a tablet that would help switch off this terrible behaviour. He said it took over a month for the tablet to get into his brain/system but he would improve. No should’s or maybe’s, just he would improve.

I have read the instruction leaflet and it would seem it is a tablet also given to humans for the same disorder as well as depression and other mental illnesses.  I also showed him Jack’s wound from his castration which he had opened up somehow the day before. The vet said there was no point in dressing the wound if Jack could get it off so easily with or without his lampshade. Just to bath in saline water twice a day. So on returning home I took his lampshade off and I was able to bath his wound (before removing his lampshade). I will have to get David to help later on today for the next bathing session. I don’t fancy loosing my hand!!!!

I pray for him to be a good dog and settle with Molly, Tess and Stella. I don’t want to have to give him away. Pretty unlikely really when there are so many stray/soi dogs everywhere.

Our walks are getting longer too. I have found that I can walk up the lane diagonally across from the house. Not all the way as that is where the man lives with the 70+ dogs but quite a way and then double back and turning to the left for a little way before I encounter more dogs. So it’s about half an hour in total. I even get past the house with the 2 dogs by sitting him near their gate when one of the dogs is barking and then after a while the other dog settles and we move on. Yesterday it got out of the gate and was trotting over to see us. I had to explain to the man that Jack was not nice, in case Jack attacked him. I need the owner to be there for a proper meet and greet first.

The house where there are 4 or 5 dogs still seems to be a problem. Jack is unwilling to try and get past it most times. I have tried sitting him down outside there but they the dogs behind the gate start attacking each other and the sound is terrible. We quickly have to move on as Jack starts to try and get off his lead. I will keep trying each day as sometimes we get all the way past and over the little bridge when the dogs are not outside.

We were back to basics the other day when a black 4×4 whizzed past really close to us all. Jack went spinning and spinning just like I had seen on the TV from fright. The next day though he was back to normal. He seems to pull at first but on the return journey he seems to settle into a good pace and doesn’t pull too much.

I have also had him in the pool swimming more by offering treats. He follows me into the pool on seeing and smelling a treat in my hand and if I hold it in front of his nose he will swim around and around for quite a while. Then I get him to sit on the top step in the pool while he eats his snack and then away we go again.

The only problem the other day was he was sick after a while. I think the combination of the treats and the pool water, which he is likes to drink!!! Yuk, was too much for his stomach.

Hopefully with these tablets he will settle down. We go to the UK for a visit in September and I need to be confident they will all be OK with Wow.

23rd June

The tablets are most certainly working. What a difference in Jack already. 3 nights in  a row we have not had to tie him to the dining room table to wait for his tea. We have managed 2 breakfasts the same way. I can’t believe the difference in him. I still watch him like a hawk for the signs. We have only had  a few growls so I think the tablets have helped very much. I could kiss the vet I am so happy that we have managed to help Jack.

Walks are improving, especially making him wait at the big gate until I get through it. He sits most of the time now until I get my feet over, I just need to keep practicing this so he knows he has to be last through the gate. I am trying to keep this going with doors in the house too. So there can be no fighting.

He is taking himself off to Wows house in the garden more and more. I think she spoils him down there. He is always pinching her mats from her bathroom!!!! I keep telling her to keep the doors shut but every evening he comes up to the house with one in his mouth!!!! Good job they are my old bath mats and nothing special for him to destroy!!!

I don’t know if I mentioned this already but Jack loves Banana. I was watching Cesar Millan a couple of weeks ago when he was offering a dog banana in replacement/reward for not eating his own dirt!!!! Anyway Cesar was saying that this is often because they are lacking a mineral. He offered the banana and the dog loved it.

So I thought OK Jack is always looking to eat Stellas poo, so I will try the banana. Yes, it works. He loves it. Really sits down and chews it properly. Wow also discovered that he likes banana and she happily shares her banana in the afternoon. He also likes pineapple but I am not sure how good or not as the case may be that this fruit is for him?

Molly keeps her lampshade on most of the time. I take it off for walks and for her meal times. Bless her she is being so good. Today I think her bottom looks like it is finally on the mend. Nok said I should try pile cream. I do have some so maybe I will try this. I just know I don’t want it to hurt her though.

Tess, is doing great. She is no bother at all and I do keep praising her for being so good at sticking up to Jack.

Stella sometimes lives within an inch of her life with Jack, but she does push it a lot. Goes right up to him and talks to him and then when he moves she goes for him. If she is around when he trys to have a bite at Tess, Stella is straight there!!!! strange isn’t it????

25th July

I have been away to England (just for one week). OH said Jack has been no problem at all. I think it must be me then. As soon as I came back the growling started. We had one attack on Saturday. OH was patting Jack and Tess pushed through. He said that she showed her teeth then all hell broke loose. Even when he managed to pull Jack off Tess was still attacking. I think she finally had had enough. Can’t blame her really. OH was using his leg to try and keep Jack away until I could get through the mess. Molly was trying to see where she could get in to help I think or was she also trying to have a go I don’t know.

OH put Jack on his side and I did the same with Tess, both surrendered straight away. I wonder how long we are going to keep having to do this.

OH really feels that this is me. It is some how my vibes or attitude that triggers this off. Too much treating them like babies he thinks. He repeated what Cesar says. They are animals first, then dogs, then your pets. I try to not to give them too much affection but it is so hard when Jack is being so nasty to M&T.

Saturday also brought Stella coming right up to Jack and brushing herself up against him, right under his chin. Gosh he didn’t know what to do. His tail was wagging but he just looked horrified. Stayed as still as could be. I wonder what was going through his mind.

Our walks are better. I still keep the leader as a noose around Jack’s neck as this way he doesn’t pull. I tried going for the ordinary leader to his collar today and ended up hurting my hand. He pulls too much this way and when he saw a squirrel he nearly pulled me over.

He makes a really good guard dog. The other day I was coming out of the gate with just Jack (must have been our 2nd walk around the block) when two large dogs appeared outside the gate. He reared up on his hind legs and have a nasty guttural sound!!!! oh it was awful, like something out of a horror movie. Anyway, it worked. They were off like a shot.  I didn’t praise him but I really wanted to.

Molly and Tess walk most of the way now off lead, just like they used to back home. It’s only the first walk away from the house with the leads on until they settle and then I take them off. This leaves me free to look after Jack. I was always so worried that they would go off into the deep grass and be bitten by a snake but so far so good. Keeping my fingers crossed. If we meet any stray dogs, M&T seem to just ignore them. Thank goodness for that.

5th October.

Well, I havn’t written on here for such a long time. We had no internet for around 2 months. Oh boy where to start.

Jack got worse. We had to increase his tablets to two a day and for the first week he was much better, no attacks, just like before. A few growl etc but nothing nasty. Then it started again, the down hill bit.

August saw yet another nasty attack. This time on Tess. Jack was trying to fight with the dogs next door through the fence again when Tess went to join in. next thing, Jack is attacking Tess. I tried the hose pipe first but every time Tess backed off with the water, Jack went in for another attack. I had to stop it so went to try and pull him off. I don’t know which one bit me but oh boy, straight through my finger. I remember just seeing the teeth going in. Of course stupid me grabbed the first thing I could find to stop the blood spurting everywhere. The dogs towel. Silly, silly and stupid. By the next day my finger looked like a balloon and the inside of it was hanging out!!! Off to the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital once again and because I did not finish my rabies jabs due to the UK visit, I had to start all over again. Plus this time it was infected badly. They couldn’t stitch it due to the infection.

Every day for 4 weeks, back and forwards to the hospital for dressings. Oh did it hurt. My heart goes out to children/people savaged by dogs. This was enough, goodness knows what that must be like. The pain. When they offered my pain killers I was going to refuse. Oh boy, did I need them. Then after 4 weeks I was down to visiting every few days, until it was time to take the dressings off. Now I only have a black nail and a very little lump on my finger. Should have taken a picture so you could have seen it at it’s worse and then now it’s mended. A before and after. Thanks to BPH. What good staff. Thank God for insurance too.

August and September saw me walking with my neighbour from over the road. He has 3 Thai dogs and very well behaved in deed. At first it was nasty. Jack had to be muzzled as he wanted to kill the other dogs we are sure. After a few days we were down to only keeping the muzzle on during meet and greet. Then we got to letting him off the lead. The difference was amazing. He ran and ran. At first I was so afraid he would run away, but every time I called he came back. He seemed to be having a great time and considering the walk is around 4-5kms he seemed to be running at least twice that distance, which should have worn him out. NO….. once we were back he would go in the pool to cool off and then it was play time.

He seems to have made firm friends with one of the dogs. We only had one incident when Jack got hold of a food bag on our walk.  Then Richie thought he would go and have  a sniff of it. Well, we just couldn’t get there fast enough. He attacked. Stupid really as I knew he probably would but just couldn’t get there fast enough. My neighbour managed to get him off and no lasting damage as Richie has a thick coat but oh boy it was nasty. He is so fueled by food aggression.

Then the attacks on Molly and Tess increased too. He frightens our visitors. We have to muzzle him when people come to visit and he doesn’t stop barking or growling until he is settled by my side, on the lead though.

We even introduced an electric collar, which works great for off lead recall. It only works within 15 feet or so but it seems to have helped with him trying to attack the dogs next door through the fence. As soon as he goes near I give him an audio and then if he doesn’t back off he gets a quick zap. It certainly works. It has helped him keep off the fence.

I have been onto the dog whisperer site for more help and what has come back is amazing. I am too strict with him or too hard on him. I thought because I was being soft with him was why I had the trouble. I lie him on his side after an attack just like Cesar recommends but the person that is helping on the site says not to do this. I am so confused.

No longer can we have Mol and Tess sitting near us, he attacks again. No longer do we have biscuit time, even though feed time is now great and he waits so calmly now.

Things came to a head though in September. He attacked Molly and ripped right through her ear. Then came the attack on Tess. We had just put them outside to go and have a wee before bed. They were all standing at the front door. The next thing is he attacks Tess. She tried to get away. The fight goes down onto the garden. I shout for OH as I have already kicked Jack several times in the ribs to make him release. Nothing.

OH comes out of the front door onto the porch, slips on the wet steps (it’s raining) and down he goes sideways, bumping all the way to the bottom. Oh my God it was terrible. I was sure he was going to be hurt. He trys desperately to get Jack off Tess but he is trying to kill her. Eventually he manages to beat him off and he surrenders.

Poor Tess is in a bad way, Jack has ripped right through her shoulder and there is a big hole with a large tear. She will have to be stitched for sure. I managed to steam the flow of the bleeding and patch her up after that is picking Jack up and carrying him to the kennels. All the time I am praying he does not attack me. His face is right next to mine as I carrying him in my arms. I know putting him in the kennel will distress him but he has just tried to kill Tess.

Poor Tess is bitten on the face several times too. What a mess we are in.

Sadly I took Tess and Jack to the vets and asked for Jack to be put to sleep. How many more time were we going to go through such nasty attacks and as he grew they were getting worse. I don’t know what makes him snap, except food and jealousy that I can see but you can’t keep Mol and Tess away from us or him all the time. He wants to be top dog and be alone I think……

While sobbing I tell the vet what has happened again. He agrees that there is something very wrong with Jack but what he suggests saves Jack’s life. He will take him. He says he has a house with lots of land where he has other “no hope dogs” and that hopefully Jack will learn to mix with other dogs and find his place. If not, then and only then will he put him to sleep. He will keep him with him for a few weeks so he gets used to him and then he will see about taking him home.

Jack at last may be happy. The only way he would be happy with us is if he is the only one.

I leave Tess to be stitched up and say goodbye to Jack as I put him in a kennel. Oh how I sobbed.

I collected Tess later and took her home. Molly is glad to see her and for the next few days peace is restored and Molly and Tess seem to be happy again. Molly has even taken to playing again. No one to rip her neck off!!!!


We leave for England Friday 16th September. If only I had known that this would be the last time I would see Molly alive.

While we were in the UK I receive a phone call from our landlord and friend to say that Molly has been bitten by a snake and had died 2 days later. Oh why did they not ring me straight away. I would have come home.  She survived 2 days before eventually dying.

Now it is so hard. Molly was my little soul mate. I loved her so much. Although we had been told she had cancer, she was still fit and healthy. Yes she had her moments. She was an old dog. Every year after 10 is a blessing but I never expected her to die in such a horrible way. Our neighbour has buried her in their garden, in a quiet corner but oh how different to the UK.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem real that she has gone. I keep thinking she is at the vets and will return soon. I am unsure if Tess even knows what has happened. Does she come to the car to greet me or look for Molly. I know she feels my grief as I can’t stop crying. Poor Molly is gone and I miss her so so much. Tess is my little shadow now. She doesn’t want to be in the lovely garden any more. She is happy just to stay inside and watch from the door. Even when I swam today she stayed inside. Maybe she saw what happened and is frightened. I don’t know.  Time will tell.

On a positive note, I have started walking Tess with my neighbour. Tess seems aggressive but I think this is because of all the attacks from Jack. Maybe she feels she has to get in first now. I know that Lucky one of the other dogs that I walk with growls every time Tess goes near her. So we have to give her respect and Tess has to learn to be polite and happy again. This will take time I think after all that she has been through. I know they say dogs live in the moment but I am sure all the attacks have had an effect on her. She just has to learn to trust again.

Will we get another dog??? Not for now but you never know what the future holds.

In the mean time, Tess, Stella, OH and I have to adjust to a different routine and a much quieter one.






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