Raining today

Tuesday 29th March

Can you believe it, it’s raining again today. I thought the rainy season didn’t start until after Sonkran???? I even have put trousers on today. No air conditioning required today. Might be able to save some money if this continues.

No swimming either. I can’t bear to go in the pool as the water is so cold.

I read in yesterdays paper that it had rained so much in the South of Thailand that 8 crocodiles have reportedly slipped out !!!!! of Nakhon Si Thammarat Zoo after it was flooded……..  I couldn’t believe it. Slipped out!!!! sounds a lot less frightening that escaped and are at large!!!!! Do you think they will just slip back in when they have had enough of eating people in the area???????

The air con men came today to fix the motor in our bedroom. I won’t need my ear plugs tonight to drown out the noise. Then again we didn’t have it on last night and it was my OH’s snoring that finally made me put them in my ears!!!!

While they had the electricity to the computer turned off (same ring as the bedroom air con) I decided to make myself a smoothie. Mango, banana, yogurt and peanut butter. Yummy. I never would have thought of peanut butter in a smoothie, but when we were in Bahrain we used to go to a Cafe at Jawad Dome called “Tillies”  and they used to have a smoothie with peanut butter and banana and oh it was so good.

It was a bit thick once it was all mixed up so I added a bit of milk to it. Quite pleased with the result. Think it will have to go on the recipe page for now.

I have just written my page about house hunting. Funny how quickly you forget about things. I have found myself thinking about different pages I could add to my blog while I am asleep. I hope someone ends up reading all of this.

I must get the Mothers Day present organized or I will miss the whole thing and then I will be in big trouble.


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