Rainy Season here again

It has rained most of the last few days. Its terribly sticky and hot.  Right now the rain has stopped. I should be out sweeping the leaves off the grass as there is a lovely breeze. HOWEVER, the breeze is bringing more leaves down, probably faster than I can pick them up!!!! as Peter Kay would say “What’s all that about” said in a high pitched voice!

Of course, don’t forget the flippin flies out there. Something called Melang wee. Pesky little tiny flies that we at home would call fruit flies. They buzz in your ear like a mosquito noise. They try and get into any area of broken skin. Like your previous mosquito bites and they burrow in!! can cause infections too.

I hate leaving the dogs outside for any length of time as they swarm around them. They try and get up your nose, in your eyes and as I said in your ears. No not the dogs, the little flies, honestly pay attention.

Poor Tess has hot spots (areas on her front leg joints that break out with the humidity). These little flies try to open up the sores. They are horrible. Its no fun, bless her. She is very hard of hearing now too, or is it just selective hearing??

I am sure that is what got into a bite on my foot recently and caused it to become infected. So now when gardening its long sleeved shirt. Long trousers or joggers. Wellies (so no bites by anything nasty in the grass) and loads and loads of insect repellant. What I sight. OH says I look like a farmers wife.

It should be a job you can do in your shorts and strappy top to get a bit of sun

Oh yes and don’t forget the flannel tucked into the top of your trousers to wipe the sweat off as its so humid right now……… ah yes, I know you all think its great living in a hot country, sunning yourself all the time…..NO sorry, its just not like that. Try sweaty sweat, frizzy hair, covered in bites (they like white skin) and swatting flies.  That may be a bit closer to the truth.  Add Hot flushes due to age and you got it in one…..

There moan over for today, well except that the washing machine isn’t working properly. Had to empty out the water from the trap, jiggle the hose around a bit and hey presto it seems to be working again.

Now what to have for tea???? trying to be good but you know that almond white chocolate ice cream beckons with Nigella’s chocolate peanut sauce over the top……and I wonder why my weight is up at the moment………………………..

Think I will just stay in the air conditioned house today. Its like reversal of winter back in the UK, when its so horrid you don’t want to go out. Well here its the other way around. Its raining but you can’t wear a coat its too hot and I don’t fancy the wet t-shirt look. Its bad enough that its soaked in sweat.

I did try one of those rain macks they sell here really cheap, made of plastic, but oh boy do they make you sweat even more. It’s in the back of the wardrobe

Plus forgot to say with the rainy season comes power cuts. We had 3 yesterday, just little half hour ones. Maybe that is what broke my computer??? mmmm there’s a thought.

Two weeks ago the power went down to only 2 phases. Thank goodness the air con was working and the freezer, but no running water for 14 hours…..just great. you don’t realise how much you really want to have a shower when you can’t have one.  I couldn’t go out shopping as I looked a right sight for sore eyes and the smell wouldn’t have been too good either.  Saved the money for the next day.

The electrician showed up at 8pm and jumped the phase. Whatever that means. A 10minute job and all was well. Why couldn’t I have had him in the morning. The landlord told me it had happened before….now that did make me mad as then I knew the man could have been called in the morning to fix the problem.

Not a happy chappy then either!!!!!




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