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Saturday was my second Raw Food Class with Jennifer of De-hydrated: Modern Living Cuisine.

My first last month was amazing. There I was sitting in car with Wendy traveling up to Bangkok. I was thinking to myself. Really, is this worth it? a 1 1/2 hour drive for what? something that you know nothing about. What happens if its a waste of time and money???????

I am happy to say it gave me such a buzz I couldn’t stop thinking of what I could make, how I could adapt what I had learnt and oh the Chocolate class in July.Certainly every penny well spent and I got to meet some new people.

The first class was all about desserts….mmmmmm….my favourite topic. Like me, if you have never understood or even heard of raw food, sign up for at least one class. It is truly amazing. You don’t have to be a vegan or even be health conscious, go along and try it for yourself. The class is a demonstration and hands on experience. Testing what has been made is the best part I think. I never knew raw food could be so good.

OH won’t let me make any creamy curries any more or desserts where cream or pasty is involved. Wow this gives you a different way to cook or not as the case may be. So easy and so absolutely delicious.

I think many people, like me would think vegetables, salad and fruit. What could you possibly make that I don’t make already. Nope, it certainly wasn’t salad or crudites. It was heaven on a plate. This is high end eating at it’s best. White chocolate lavender cheesecake. Parisian chocolate Torte…mmmmmmm and many more. Each class consists of approximately 5 or 6 different recipes. On Saturday I didn’t feel I could eat chocolate for at least another week after our class that morning. Oh boy did I get to eat some chocolate!!!!!!so rich and yet so healthy. For a newbie I certainly couldn’t recommend it enough.

I thought chocolate was that lovely fattening stuff you see in the supermarket. When you read the labels though you will be horrified at some of the rubbish you are actually eating. Raw chocolate is the real thing. We even got to learn the history of cacao- chocolate to you and me.  I also now know what my ice cream maker can do, so I will dust off the cob webs and get it working this week. No more cream required. Nuts made into a milk. so easy.

The classes are small, making it more friendly. A maximum of 10 people per class. I am sure some of the people I have met so far will become friends.

Jennnifer’s website is :-    copy and paste the link for it to work. Sorry not clever enough to get it to click through as yet.



Pictures to follow soon.




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