stella hiding on the bed

Over 5 months now and our cat Stella is still missing. Why has no one returned her??? Was the reward amount not big enough..?? I have been told by many Thai people that they know some people just take other peoples pets!!! Its the same the world over I know but it’s horrible. I still cry because I miss her so so much.

I worry about her. Is she alive? Is she being looked after? Is she being kept in a cage? She hates being inside all the time. She loves to wander and hunt.

Just because she is so pretty something has taken her. OK I can understand if she wandered too far and got lost and someone had kindly taken her in. BUT…its now 5 months and surely they have seen the posters I have had up in the compound. The guards huts have her photo up too. Why oh why won’t they return her.

photo 2

We will be leaving Thailand soon and I can’t bear to think I will be leaving without her…

Suppose the person that has her throws her out after we have gone. What will become of her. She has been spayed so she won’t give them any kittens to sell…. my heart aches without her. OK she was hard work sometimes. In and out, in and out she would go and she was so loud but I still loved her.

When she came back from the pet hotel in Pattaya after catching some disease. I sat with her in my arms and nursed her. I thought she was going to die. I can’t bear to think I will never see her again and yet wonder and worry what on earth has happened to her.

I wish I had loads of money to employ someone to find her. To offer the world to get her back..


I know OH would go mad if I offered 10,000bhat, but to get her back would mean so much to me…I love her so much.

Oh goodness there I go again off in tears. For months I thought I heard her crying at night. I kept thinking I could hear her cry everywhere I walked the dogs. Off Buddy and I still go up and down the Soi’s. I still call her name in the hope that she will be somewhere and hear me. That she will know that I won’t give up hope of finding her.


photo 5

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