Rhonda and Peter pay a quick visit. Susan and Bill too.

Rhonda is my friend from OZ. Hope she doesn’t mind we talking about her on here!!! Yikes, sure she won’t mind.  She and her husband Peter come to their apartment in Jomtien  a few times a year. A couple of years ago I met them when I was learning to play golf. We have kept in touch ever since and before when we lived near Pattaya we would meet up and have lunch.

This time they came to Bangkok for the day. It was great to see Rhonda and we had a lovely lunch in the Greyhound restaurant in The Emporium Mall at Phrom Pong.  Peter had gone off to Chatuchak Market.

We had a lovely afternoon of chatting none stop.. Catching up and looking at photos. Ah it was so nice. Peter arrived a few hours later his back pack full of items purchased at the Market. I haven’t been as yet so next time they come back I am going to kidnap them for the day and they can be my guides. Some 8,000 stalls is a lot to get lost in.

We wandered through the mall and found another restaurant and stopped for a glass of wine for me, a beer for Peter and a fresh coconut for Rhonda. More talking and then it was time to say our goodbyes.

Why do I carry my camera and never get it out my bag???

Hurry back soon.

Then on Sunday I get a call from Susan (my aunt actually) they are in Hua Hin and are coming to Bangkok for an over nighter. I had always presumed Susan and Bill had been to Bangkok before. We arranged to meet last night for dinner.

So here was me all dressed up for a posh dinner!!! WRONG. They had brought with them their lovely friends Pauline and Steven. I must have appeared to be a right stuck up, fuddy duddy. No street vendor food for me after getting tape worms last year. No way. Plus being allergic to chillies is a real pain, literally.  Oh and did I mention I NEED air con all the time. I just seem to have one hot flush after another.

We wandered down  a street market. Haven’t done that for ages. There were quite a few good things on offer.  Bill and Steven looking at the girlie bars. We found a nice pub type restaurant. The Duke of Wellington. Western and Thai food ordered and happy hour drinks purchased. Ah…… I just can’t do without Air Con. They did have it on but with only 3 walls and an open front to the restaurant it wasn’t doing much for me. Again, why did I not get my camera out??

We left them to their tour of the bars and we headed off home in a taxi. What an experience that was. Sometimes the taxi’s seem to want to end your life before they even get paid. Wow, talk about hold on for dear life. OH said to give him a good tip as it may be the last one he got the way he drove. Probably be in an accident soon. Lets hope not. Don’t know why some of them have to drive so dangerously.

Good to get out and about.

Hope Susan and Bill got back to their hotel safely.


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