Snake in the garden

I stupidly never expected to see a big snake in the garden of our new house. In fact, I never really considered seeing any snakes in the garden. Thinking that there are so many people here and lots of gardeners, workers etc., snakes would not have been allowed to survive…………..

A few weeks ago while washing Tess our dog by the back door I did see some rather fast moving what looked liked worms. The way they were moving was just like a snake. Then it dawned on me. These were hatch-lings as worms don’t have markings on them. OMG. By the time the penny had dropped and I got Tess out the way and my gloves on (baby snakes can be highly dangerous) but they had disappeared into thin air.

Then on Tuesday Buddy was barking outside. That deep, there is something/someone there bark. I just assumed there must be someone near the big gate. Stupidly I also let Tess out to see what was going on. There was Buddy giving chase to something. Then Tess joined it. They had it cornered. I just presumed it was a rat until they both jumped back and I saw the snake. It was blooming fast. Up the tree it went. It was very pale in colour and long. About the thickness of my wrist.

Sorry I didn’t stop for photos. I had no idea what I was dealing with. I got the dogs inside and ran for the guard. The guard has a little house at the end of the row of streets. There I was shouting away about a snake, big I said in Thai when he shouts ” A snake- big”!! couldn’t believe it. For over 2 years now I have been practicing the word snake in Thai. Its really hard to get the pronunciation as its a noise made in your throat and nose.  Didn’t need it this time.

He followed me on his bike. I grabbed my pronged snake stick and my machete, popped my wellies and thick gardening gloves on and off we went. The snake was still there. It was hanging upside down from the tree. It didn’t look half as thick this time but it was long. What I could see was a good 4 feet and that wasn’t the end of it.

The guard jumped back and obviously wasn’t going to tackle it until back up arrived. By that time the snake had gone. I found that there was a man hole cover for the water drains in the corner of the garden by the tree it had climbed up. There was gap in each side. Just as there had been at Harry’s place. It had gone.

Back up arrived and I tried to explain with gesticulations what had happened. He was very brave. I gave him my gardening gloves and he opened the man hole cover, jumping back as he did so.

There was nothing there. It had gone. Mores the pity really as I would much rather it had ended its days there and then. I hate it when they disappear because you know at some point they will return. Maybe it was female and it had laid its eggs. I really hope not.

I let Buddy out and explained to the guards he wouldn’t bite them. He picked up the trail. The snake must have been right near the front double doors and also by the car port then around to the corner of the house before it crossed over to the wall between us and next door. Thank goodness I have insect screens now or it could have been in the house!!!

The  thing about encountering a snake is:

1. They are really fast movers and 2. you never really know what you are dealing with unless you recognize it straight away. Cobra’s don’t display their head shape unless they raise themselves up to threaten or attack.

On looking in my snake book afterwards, the colour etc., pointed to a cobra. I just hope it doesn’t come back.

The lady opposite was out in her garden when I shouted the alarm. As far as I know she doesn’t speak English but she knew by my Thai that I meant a snake. The guard went and talked to her afterwards. Would love to have been a fly on the wall.

So from now on I will have to be more vigilant when I am gardening. No more leaving the screens open either when I am popping outside.

I saw the Danish lady waiting for the bus on Wednesday morning and asked her if she had had any snakes in the garden. Unfortunately too many she said. some small, some big……. They are everywhere she said.

Of course we have lots of ponds on the compound. Snakes like water and there sure are plenty of toads and rats about.  Praying hard for no more encounters.

I wrote an email to our  landlord and K.Ya his brother appeared the same day. I explained what we had done at Harry’s place with the man hole covers. Trying to show him what I wanted by drawings. When I came home the next afternoon all manhole covers were/are fitted with chicken wire mesh underneath covering all exit holes. No snakes coming in that way anymore.

Good job done by K.Ya. So I am making him a cake today to say thank you.




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