Well today is the official start of Songkran. A festival of prayers to Buddha for the rains to come.  Taking older family members to the temple to pray and I have been told a time of feet washing???

The fun part is everyone gets soaked from just about anywhere  and anyone!!!! and  then covered in talc!!!!!! All the shops have brightly coloured shirts and dresses for sale. The brighter the better for this celebration.

Bad part is all the drunk drivers!!!! Newspapers estimate there are over 50 dead due to drink driving accidents and over 400 injured. Begs the question from some forums “How many on normal days?

Driving in Thailand is crazy anyway. Almost as crazy as Bahrain.Add lots of drink and merry making and I guess we will just stay home until it all ends if we can. Shame really as my OH is off until Monday and it should be a time when we can enjoy the beach, pop into Pattaya for a nice meal or even go to the driving range but I don’t want to chance getting involved in an accident.NO THANKS

Getting soaked would be OK. We enjoyed Songkran last year in Songkhla. We took our pick up down onto the beach road and joined in the merry making there.It was one continuous fleet of vehicles for miles and miles.

There were lots of people in trucks. Music blasting.  The pick up parts of the vehicles held huge barrels of water and as many family and friends packed in to throw as much water out onto anyone within range. Great fun watching.

Even people on motor bikes carried water. People stood on the sides of the roads doing the same. Anywhere there was a house, the children would be outside with water pistols or hose pipes, soaking passers by. A good way to keep them all cool in the hot sun.

We got off lightly. Most shouting Farangs or as they say Falangs (Westernes) and letting us through. Our truck got wet and it was smeared with wet talc but we ourselves were spared. Mind you, I did keep putting the window up when we got close to anyone with a barrel, a hose pipe or even a water pistol!!!!!

I have heard its even crazier in Pattaya. Wild some one said. I went down for shopping yesterday morning and the place was deserted. I text my OH to say it was as if everyone was getting out of dodge!!!!! I managed to go down Pattaya Tai, 2nd and 3rd Road and even Pattaya Klang in 3rd gear!!! Normally you never get out of 2nd its usually so busy. Lots of the shops were closed with a line of roller shutters everywhere you looked.

My daughter arrives on Saturday evening at Bangkok airport so we will have to go out then. I just pray we will all be safe on our journey. Lets hope the rains don’t come too soon as I know she would like 2 weeks of sunshine.





One thought on “Songkran

  • April 18, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    Blog is getting better dear. I had forgotten about some of the things you have written about.
    It is turning into a book and a very interesting one at that.

    Good for you x!


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