Stella, a.k.a – HRH.

I know not everyone love cats or dogs but I had to share some of these poses. I usually take them on a daily basis for my daughter. I send the photos on my phone so she can see Stella when she wakes. Sometimes I just can’t resist snapping her as she sleeps or poses. She is just too cute for words.

In reality H.R.H Stella is quite aloof. She certainly has me around her little finger. Spoiled rotten. absolutely

OH got Stella and her sister Daisy when they were only tiny. Abandoned by their mother under the office. From Bahrain they came to Thailand. I think I have told the story about Daisy going missing, never to be seen again on the ‘Pets in Thailand’ page. So I won’t retell it now. Just that we miss Daisy very much and I still pray that she is alive and living happily with someone somewhere. I dread to think what may have happened to her with the amount of stray/wild dogs and cats that are everywhere in Thailand.

So here is this mornings photo, after I made the bed, she just climbed back on and in and snuggled down.

Pong-20130801-00151Is she so cute or what? I love her. In reality of course the only person that can cuddle her is her daddy. When he comes home she crys and crys to be picked up and there she sits in his arms. Looking at me as if I am muck!! Doesn’t matter that I am the one that loves her to bits, I am the one that feeds her and makes sure she is safe….oh no, eyes for daddy only when he is home.

IMG-20130116-00651Its a pity the flash catches her as she has to shut her eyes.

IMG-20130324-00789She is one confident cat. In fact most of the time we think that she thinks she is a dog!!!! the way she lies about

IMG-20130509-00029Here she is behaving like a dog. With Buddy on the mat and Tess at the back. What a life eh? Never seen a cat lie about like she does. Normally cats snuggle in bed or on the sofa.

Nong Prue-20130624-00089This is “I am warning you about taking any more flashy photos” look

Nong Prue-20130727-00141Here is a snuggle photos. In the evening if she isn’t sitting on the chair outside she jumps up on the sofa and sits near me. Never on me, ever just near me. This is why my friend Eileen named her HRH when she stayed with us last year. Stella is such a madam.

Nong Prue-20130710-00117This is one of Stella’s normal poses. She loves to have a cushion over her face. Is it because its too bright or is it because she thinks she can’t be seen. Or maybe she thinks she is modeling and this is the pose of the day??? not sure

Nong Prue-20130625-00093Cushions over her legs this time


This is were she used to sit at our other house. On the front porch. I think this day I had all the dogs beds on the chair while I was cleaning, so she just hops up and snuggles in. See lady muck

I think these have to be the ultimate in posing photos for the moment. Again taken at our old house. How many people could say there cat sat on top of an elephant?????

Must have been cold for her to go inside your cat box. Snuggling in again I suppose. So a small selection of poses from HRH Stella.  Hope you like them.








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