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It’s over 2 months now and Stella is still missing. Quite a few weeks ago now one of my neighbours on the compound was told by a security guard that a car passing through the main gate had told him that they had Stella and she was staying with them now. I went immediately to the house in question but alas when they did answer the door they said they didn’t have her.

Who’s to say if they are telling the truth, but why would a guard come and tell someone something like that if it were not true. So I guess someone has her.

Probably why we have not seen her around. I may have got the wrong house but someone has taken her AND what can we do about it………….nothing. No one cares about a little cat here.

I can only hope that they are looking after her properly. Sure she will be driving them nuts as she talks all the time and will be so unhappy not being allowed outside.

There are stray cats on our compound and she is not with them which makes me feel sure that someone took her. What cruel people there are here to do such a thing to someone else. Have they no heart………………

I have leaflet dropped again with a reward on the paperwork. I have also put the reward notice on her photo on the notice board but this last week I noticed that her photo at the security guards huts is no longer displayed and at the notice board near the top of the compound – no photo of Stella.

More reason to think she has been taken and the person has removed her info. Bas…..ds……I do hope something nasty happens to these people for stealing my baby cat.


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