Tess has a nasty fungus infection- Ring worm

Poor Tess our dog. I thought she had bites on her back that had got infected from when her and Buddy play together. Then I realised that there were getting worse and spreading. So I took her to the vets last week. How I wish I had took her sooner.  They shaved her back to reveal these horrid black marks. Turns out its ringworm. A nasty fungus infection.

We have special shampoo and an anti-fungal spray. One week on its spreading and doesn’t seem to be improving.


She is obviously so itchy. Took her back today, Thanks to  advice from our friend Nigel Brown, Consulting Veterinarian who is at the moment in Mongolia. I went back to our vets (Pattaya Animal Hospital on Pattaya Thai, to have some more tests done. Poor Tess has a secondary infection. More test results to follow on hormone levels etc.,

I should know by now, don’t leave anything too long in these hot Countries as lots of infections can take hold with the humidity and nasty little flies.

Loaded with antibiotics, lets hope she makes a speedy recovery.


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