The longest coffee break ever

Well, where to start……….. I could not write after Molly died. I just lost all interest. Even now as I write this post I cry. She was my soul mate and I still miss her so so much. I don’t think I will ever get over her death. I feel so guilty that I was not here. For those that don’t know, Molly was my dog and she died fighting a cobra when we were back in the UK visiting family and friends on September 21st 2011. I shall never forgive myself for not being there and not being told about her death until a week later. She hung on 4 days. I feel she was waiting for me to come back to her and eventually gave up the fight.

If only we had had anti venom then. If only we had been there. I don’t think I will ever know what really truly happened. Except that the vet said it was a big black cobra. It bit her on the tongue. Molly killed the cobra but it cost her, her life.

Something to think about if you are ever considering relocating with your pet to Thailand or to any country that has venomous snakes. UK dogs don’t know about snakes and therefore she had no idea that by tackling it she was going to die. Where was Nga at the time? why did she not try and help Molly? Why was Molly out in the garden on her own? I shall never know the truth.  Cliff and Nok took Molly to their house and buried her in the garden. Over the stream in a quiet spot.  I went to visit her when I came home and cried and cried as I am doing now. I can’t bear to go back there though and see her. I bought some silk tulips to put on her grave but just couldn’t go back. So I now carry them in the car. They are perched up behind the head rest in the back seat of the truck. She used to love to come out in the car with me and its there that I am sure she is with me now when I travel.

Life is so hard sometimes and yet I know there are millions of other people far worse off than I.

This is a photo of Molly taken not long before she died.


So here we go, what has happened since that dreadful day and where do I start:-

Well we moved house. Lots of reason but the main one being that Cliff who owned the house came to tell us there had decided to move to Canada. Lock, stock and barrel. Therefore our lovely rented house was going back on the market to be sold asap. How I wish we had the money to buy it.

Here is a picture of our old house. No secret anymore since we are no longer there. Many happy times spent on the terrace. Plenty of entertaining too. Walks with my neighbour and his dogs.



Maybe I shall write a post or more like show pictures of this lovely house and make a post “House for Sale”. Yes, I think I jolly well will and help Cliff and Nok along. Maybe I could do a whole feature on his properties and get them on the web. I think I shall email him and ask for his consent.

I am going to write another post now all about our new addition to the family.

I just want to thank Rhonda from OZ for getting me started again. Thanks Rhonda. If you had not mentioned that you loved getting my emails and that they made you laugh, I would never have started where I left off.  Wish you were a full time friend here in Thailand.



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