The weather has changed again. Hot and Sticky Season

Oh my goodness has the weather changed. Lets not mention the terrible forecast for a big storm, while I keep checking the sky for any signs of bad weather I wonder if I should batton down the hatches…..???

The hot and sticky season is definitely upon us. Now even when I open the door at 5.30am to let the dogs out for their first wee its hot. No relief. I now carry a face cloth when I am walking the dogs. You only have to be out more than 5 minutes and the sweat trickles. How I wish I could adjust and acclimatize to the heat.

photo 3(4) photo 2(4)Even Buddy our Thai dog is hot on walks now. I think he has turned into an English dog and likes the air conditioning. He likes to sit outside but on the doorstep where he gets the cool air coming through the insect screen. Crafty tinker.

This is the month of Sonkhran. So glad we are going back to the UK for visit. Keep out of the way of all that water throwing and wet talc being thrust upon your face….. watching from inside a car where you are safe is seems like hilarious fun but I don’t fancy actually getting soaked while out in good clothes or sitting eating a meal somewhere. I think a lot of expats come for the fun and a lot go home out of the way.

Time seems to go so quick. We have both had our second cold in 4 years. Both of which are since moving to Bangkok……must be all the people crammed together. spreading germs. No wonder they don’t hold onto hand rails on the BTS & MRT etc.,so as not to pick up germs,  but then quite happily cough in your face…….YUK…

I have been going back and forwards into Bangkok for Mah-jong. I do love it. Its good to sit with different ladies each week and have some new conversation. It seems to be the time of people moving on and a lot of new faces at the BWG lunch last month and at the coffee mornings….

This last week I have retreated from all outing and mixing with people as I was full of that bbbbbb…. cold. Makes you feel awful. My nose was just running like a tap. Don’t think I wanted to share it with anyone.

We both have been having acupuncture too. Its wonderful. To think I have been suffering from over tiredness for years and years. Turns out to be chronic fatigue due to my kidneys and bladder not working properly. Now after a couple of months of acupuncture I seem to have so much more energy. I don’t always need to take a nap now and I am staying up till after 11pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wooooowwwwwhhhhooooo…

I have been swimming and the bike is out and being used.

Milos doesn’t just deal with one problem. He looks at your whole self, how you feel, what you do, what else bothers you.  I went to see about my terrible feet. The pains were unbearable. I am still stiff in the joints but most of the time now I am pain free. All to do with my bladder and kidneys…. so much for hospitals, telling me I had hammer toes, severe strain to tendons, Achilles heal etc., a load of rubbish. I have been given so many different diagnosis’s and they were all wrong. So good to be pain free most of the time now.  It was amazing when I was able to get up out of bed and walk down the stairs properly. Not having to hang on to the hand rail and take one step at a time. Its the little things that make the difference to your quality of life.

He has also made me much calmer. Dealing with my anger issues. I feel a calmness inside now. Doesn’t mean to say I don’t get riled by stupid people, but I certainly don’t get half as angry and let things pass over my head now or look at them in a different light.

He has taken away David’s sciatica and is also helping him with his general health and well being.

Only 2 more sleeps and then we will be off to the UK. Bet we don’t get to travel business class. Ah well, I did get to experience it once. What a way to travel. At least this time we will be going via Amsterdam and I love the shopping there. All that cheese, smoked salmon. mmmm……and all those tulips. Just the perfect time to buy.




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