Vets visits this week

My whole week has been taken up with dog walking and vets visits. I have entered the whole lot on the “Pets in Thailand”page as there is/was so much to tell. Needless to say Jack is back home and going to spend a night in our bedroom. See if he can keep the lampshade thing on his head and his stitches in tact……..

I went to visit my friend who has just had her baby. Ah he is so lovely. I will ask if I can post his picture on here. He is so beautiful and I don’t usually say that about babies. They are usually wrinkly and horrible. He is so so tiny. Born weighing only 5 lbs & 6 oz.  2 weeks ago. He felt so tiny in my arms.

Last night OH and I went to to Mimosa the Italian restaurant. (This is one of the restaurants listed on my “Dining” page. Stuffed ourselves we most certainly did. 3 courses and wine for under 30 pounds. The food was good and it was good to see the restaurant was really busy.




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