We have returned to cooler weather

We have returned from our first Xmas in the UK. Loved almost every minute of it. Delayed there and back. With tail winds of over 150km per hour we certainly made up or time delays. Arriving in Bangkok airport only 1 1/2 hours behind schedule. I have to say this – British Airways flight and service was far better than the one going out. Better food, more attentive staff. Everything. Even though we had plucked for seats right at the back of the plane. We still had plenty of room, albeit the plane was full.

We returned to a cool wind and the temperature is right down. Even though the sun is up and shining and it will reach 29 degrees. There is a huge difference in humidity. For the first inĀ  years we slept without the air con on in our room last night. I could wear the same t-shirt for dog walking this morning as I did last night…….eeeeee this means so much less washing too.

It must be a great time to visit Thailand. At least tourists can do all the sightseeing without sweating buckets.

Yesterday I had to go on the airport link train and the MRT. Standing on the station it seemed dare I say it, quite chilly. Good heavens I can hear my friends say 24 degrees and quite chilly…FGS. but honest it was. I can understand why the Thais had their jumpers and coats on.

I guess in the North of Thailand it must feel like its freezing. Good job there were lots of blankets being knitted by the British Womens Group.

I am off to see my two friends today for a light lunch (we hardly every do anything not healthy)…oh yes and I returned 4 kilos heavier and after spending all that time slowly taking it off. It all went back on in 4 weeks of eating chocolates, cakes and crips….eeeeeee…well what did I really expect.

Jet leg seems almost none existent and even when I had our favourite Thai takeaway from the compound restaurant I was OK. Despite it having some chilli flakes in it…. usually good for a few days weight loss…. Sure this is all to do with my acupuncture sessions. My whole body of well being seems to make everything OK. Hence the over eating of the chocolates (in the past 5 was the max I could eat without being ill).

People even noticed my hands had cleared up and were not all broken and dry. My skin didn’t flake on returning to the UK either and my stomach on the whole was not so upset. Mind 4 course gourmet meals with friends did have some effect but not as much as usual.

I told Milos when I saw him how things had improved immensely. The main noticeable difference was I had no foot pain whatsoever.. amazing. I did return with what seemed like a water on the knee pain or I thought I had twisted it. Turns out its my spleen meridian and its sugar!!!! well there’s a surprise ……NOT….hahaaa its all those chocolates obviously.

Well got to dash. I have to catch the bus at 11am. Hope its not too hot out there now the sun is fully up in the sky. Still a nice breeze though.



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