Weekly shop

Today was the weekly shop. Foodland first and then topping up with the extra’s I can’t get at Carrifour. Oh but on the way into Carrifour I spotted a lovely sunglasses stand. I have been after a pair of red sunglasses for ages and just havn’t found the right pair. Until today that is. No time to loose, straight to the cash point to pay for my purchase!!! he he.

Then into HomePro when I had finished to get the new bath mats for my daughters bedroom. It will look all nice for when she arrives next weekend.

I decided I had worked so hard doing the shopping, ah hem…. that I could have a treat of a shawama from downstairs. I have mentioned this on a separate page but there is a stand downstairs in the Carrifour Mall that does really good shawarmas. OK so I got two!!! then I really pushed the boat out and stopped to get a cappuccino to take out from the coffee shop at the end near the entrance.  I hate eating on my own outside so I like to take everything home.

I was so hungry I didn’t even put the shopping away and sat myself at the table to enjoy my shawarmas and coffee. ahhhhhhhh.

Then off to the local market for my fruit and veg. So many flies there today. It really puts me off buying but it”s something that you have to try and not think about. I bumped into Nok again, that’s twice today. I stopped to get some prawns for OH lunch box, thank goodness for the person beside me who understood the old lady selling the prawns, I could not catch what she was telling me about the price. Still learning Thai. The person beside me, not sure if it was a he or she said it slowly for me so I could understand. I thanked them and was able to purchase 1 kilo with their help.

There is a man that helps people leave the market, crossing the road, directing the traffic etc., he is such a character. Complete with the high viz tabbard and whistle.

I think because there are not many white women that frequent the market he likes to make a big thing of saying hello. It’s no nice and really brightens my day. He is so funny. Always laughing and smiling, always a friendly word to everyone. His English is really good. Asked me if I liked whisky or beer today. He fell about laughing when I said I didn’t like beer but I liked whisky!!! I think he then went onto translate to others what I had said and they had a good laugh. White woman likes whisky!!!!

People stare at me when I go to the local markets,  but they don’t do it in a nasty way here in Thailand. They are just inquisitive and if you smile or say hello, they nearly always reply back with a greeting or a big smile that spreads across the face.

I chose some white snapper at Foodland. I had never heard of a white snapper before but I thought we should try it as it was only half the price of the usual salmon that I get. The whole house smelt like North Shields Fish Quay tonight. Wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to eat it, but you know what, when we took the first mouthful it didn’t smell at all and indeed it was rather tasty. So once again something new tried and enjoyed!!!!

Bought some sticky rice for pudding at Carrifour and got some mangos on the market. Oh, disappointed, the rice was horrible. Not a patch on the sticky rice from the lady near the traffic lights on the Hua Yai Road. Now hers is delicious. A good excuse to go and buy some tomorrow for the weekend, to make up for the horrible stuff we ate today of course!!!!!


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