Well done Power Buy – Central Festivial Shopping Mall

Well done to Power Buy at Central Festival Mall, Pattaya.

I searched and searched the house in every nook and cranny for the receipt. I was convinced OH had it. He was sure I had it. Oh goodness. On the 3rd time around the house in search of the receipt, low and behold there it was in the drawer!!!! I hate that when it happens. It feels creepy.

So I have some polly pockets and I am going to sort out all the receipts and guarantees for things and get them all labeled and boxed tomorrow. Have to got and get a box file of course but that could be a good excuse for a coffee at Home Works, oh and a lovely muffin of course.

Sorry, digressed there. Off to Central Festival with my computer. Found a parking space and reversed parked. Just like OH always tells me to. Its quite hard to park my truck as you can’t see out the back window for the carryboy box on the back. I think he would have been proud of me today. No dithering about and I didn’t even use express parking

Went to Power Buy, located on the 3rd floor – right next to the Food Loft (ah well, better take a visit there). The staff in Power Buy were really good. Didn’t even ask to see my receipt, after all that searching too. The boy confessed he didn’t know what he did but he got it working. Shut it down and did a couple of re starts and all was well. I could have kissed him but thought he might have me arrested as one of Pattaya’s nutters!!!

To celebrate I went and bought a couple of nice tops I had spied a few weeks back in a new shop. Clothes from Spain the lady said. Just simple white tops but it cheered me up. Then to end my little trip out I went into the Food Loft. Well you do don’t you?????

There is a new Lebanese Food Counter so I picked Hummus with Chicken Shwarma and pitta bread. Washed down with a nice glass of Red. Too stuffed to have dessert. Gasp, I hear some of you say. What me no dessert, must be feeling unwell. Honestly I was stuffed. Did manage a cafe latte though.

A lovely time to be had, even if it was on my own. Billy no mates again. J.A. come back I do miss you and Wendy. Everyone leaves. Just wish it was us next time.

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