Yet another trip to the vets

I think it would seem that not many weeks go by without a trip to the vets…….

We have been back down to Pattaya to get the dogs and cat their annual rabies jabs and vaccinations. In line with what we thought was a move to Singapore. Long story.

Tess has been weeing again. She is totally unaware that she is doing it. Sometimes its a complete flood but most of the time its just dribbles everywhere. Thank goodness we don’t have carpets. The rugs we gave away when we moved here and the smaller ones are now all rolled up and put away for the future…….. not a good thought.

Tiled floors are so easy to maintain when you have pets.  A consideration for when we move back to the UK.

The new vet took X-rays and was talking about a neurologist…….put her on tablets, which had no effect what so ever. Then they were talking about ultra sounds and all sorts of things. For heavens sake she is 14 years old now. Our original vet in Pattaya (Pattaya Animal Hospital on Pattaya Tai) advised that she is too old for treatments and to be messed about with. She is getting old. Its a fact.

I have tried nappies but alas to date I haven’t found any big enough. She is quite happy to wear them in the house but they just end up falling off. I even tried a pair of my knickers with a face cloth inside. She must have thought that hilarious. I should have taken a photo really. However, no matter how happy she seemed to be to wear such things they just fell off. Hence I just keep the mop and bucket handy….. Sure its just when she is tired and we have noticed its when she is waiting for food….

If we take her away from the table when we are eating and make her stay in the kitchen area we don’t have any dribbles….weir or what????

Then Buddy, bless him. Came down the stairs one morning to find his ears were fat!!! very very strange but I knew it meant trouble. I gave him an antihistamine and off we went to the vets. I know you are supposed to have an appointment but they were very accommodating. Yes, he had eaten something or been bitten by something that he had a reaction to. His temperature was off the scale!!!!! They gave him a shot of something to bring his temperature down and more antihistamines via injection. We had to wait for 30 mins and they took his temperature again.

Poor thing he hates the car anyway so I have to drag him inside and then he just shuts down. I have tried the Cesar Milan trying to make him go inside the car himself (which I know he can do as he manages to jump quite nicely into the truck on the return journey). He just doesn’t like the vets either. She said his breathing was very labored. I explained about the car journey and that the reason he was shaking was because of the car and the vet experience. He is so good at the vets though and they can literally do anything they want to him and he doesn’t mind.

So touch and go times for poor Buddy. I had to keep him indoors for a few days, which he didn’t like as he likes to sit on the step outside and guard the gate!!!!  It took nearly a week for his ears to go totally back to normal and he has scratched them quite badly.

He will never learn his lesson though as he is always eating things in the garden.

Next it will be Stella’s turn. It  seems to go around in circles…. lets not tempt fate..



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